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World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Events Revealed

by - 8 years ago

Funny, we were just talking about this, huh?

Blizzard has just announced that the 10th anniversary for World of Warcraft will be celebrated with a variety of in-game events:

  • A Team Deathmatch Battleground on the hallowed battlegrounds of Hillsbrad to relive the classic Tarren Mill vs. Southshore wars.
  • 40-man Raid Finder version of Molten Core.

Read the full post below.

Gearing Up to Celebrate 10 Years of World of Warcraft

This November marks the 10-year anniversary of World of Warcraft, and we’re cooking up a few in-game plans to commemorate the occasion. Here’s a quick preview of what’s in store:

Tarren Mill vs. Southshore: The Rematch

If you engaged in PvP early on in WoW, you might have fond memories of—and perhaps a few scars from—the endless tug-of-war between Horde and Alliance players at Tarren Mill and Southshore. To recapture that feeling, we’ll be opening a Team Deathmatch–style Battleground based on that timeless struggle. However, unlike the old days of Tarren Mill vs. Southshore, there will be a clearly defined victor, so you’ll need to work as a team or face crushing defeat.


Molten Core Gets Boosted

Molten Core provided many WoW players with their first taste of WoW raiding. For the anniversary celebration, max-level players will be able to participate in a special 40-player Raid Finder version to relive the experience of hunting down Ragnaros and his minions within his fiery lair. Downing the Firelord will earn you an Achievement and a special Core Hound mount reward (fireproof leg armor not included).



Anyone who logs in during the 10-year anniversary event will also be able to claim a feisty, fiery new pet: the Molten Corgi! Just think of the corgi-parade potential when you and your friends summon these wee waddling balls of fire for a walk.

These events and rewards will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to check back with us later for more information on when you can expect to see all of these events and goodies in-game. ‘Til then, we’re looking forward to celebrating 10 epic years with you!

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

0 responses to “World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Events Revealed”

  1. Mike Sears says:

    the game is on a slow death march. Time to release Titan and stop dragging it out

    • linoo says:

      titan was only a rumor nothing have been released from it so far so titan is only a speculation they aint dragging this out they just improving it fr the hardocre wow players as myself

      • disqus_phRuEbQRrD says:

        Titan was not a rumor and what you just describes is not a rumor. You aren’t a hardcore wow player if you think they are improving it for hardcore players. LOL.

      • Eyvie says:

        You mean the schmucks who want a point and click waste of time and money that’s slowly turning into the worst cookie cutter game I’ve ever wasted 9 years of my life on. -.-* BACK TO BC! BACK I SAY! I want to play a difficult game again. >.< Blizzard is a soul and money sucking entity. it's sad that the Warcraft and Diablo franchises are ruined.

    • Keir says:

      The Titan project got shut down and restarted last year, and should be ready to be shown by 2016 at the earliest.

    • Why not “drag it out” when you have 6.8 million paying customers still. Any game company would KILL for those numbers.

  2. Deejie Li says:

    Slowly but surely, it dies..

  3. Eli Ward says:

    Molten Corgi. Yup. Awesome. Can’t wait.

  4. Rebecca Lander says:

    WHAT ABOUT THE MINI HOGGER D:!!!!!! they said we’d be getting that for the 10th anniversary at one stage!

    • Jar says:

      Hmm…what’s better. A cute adorable puppy that could kill you with it’s adorable cuteness. Or an ugly mini hogger. Who might I add, no one even cares for anymore?

  5. kroa says:

    40-player Raid Finder version

    lvl 90 loot?
    another lvl 90 legendary???

  6. Daniel says:

    This game is like mario. They keep reskinning it and people keep playing.

  7. Elizabeth Black says:

    I don’t care. Take my money! I’ve given up and admitted WoW owns my sad soul.

  8. Lord Xantosh says:

    meh, not even this much cuteness could make me buy time for this game again, wow is just too bloody easy now! its like starwars, the more they remaster it, the worse it gets!

  9. John DeGraffenreid Jr. says:

    Corehound mount and an Ein doggie pet? Uhm what are the words I’m looking for? Oh yeah!