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Meet the new allied race The Earthen

by - 7 months ago


A new allied race has been confirmed for the World of Warcraft The War Within expansion. What do we know about this new mysterious race? First of they are know as the Earthen. A primordial version of Dwarves.

The earthen will have a robust catalog of customization. You can be so gem encrusted you make Blingtron jealous. From mohawks to braids you can go wild with your earthens hair. You can even finally see the coveted female dwarf beard!

Over the Earthen’s time of isolation they have formed 3 factions whose philosophies are greatly different.

The Unbound are the rebellious group. They had the duty of providing the raw materials to keep the cities and great machines going. Over time they have strayed from the Titan edicts and abandoned their duties to find a life more to their own ways of thinking.

The Oathsworn are the faithful keepers of the titan edicts. They live close and protect the Coreway never straying or second guessing their purpose. They believe those who don’t faithfully follow the edicts are doing things wrong.

The Machine speakers while no longer strict keepers of the Titan ways, still dutifully keep to their duties. They were charged with keeping the great machines working. Over time however they had to evolve and adapt how they did things to keep the machines running.


We have been told that the Earthen society is in a great decline in no small part to these three factions not being able to work in harmony as was intended. We don’t know why yet but it came to light that the Earthen can no longer have children. In the course of our travels we help and join the Earthen in their struggles and as a result somehow new Earthen are able to join the world. It is these brand new Earthen that will become allies to either the Alliance or the Horde. You heard right there will be Horde Dwarves.


The Earthern are very adaptable and can easily fill the roles of most classes. In fact the only classes they can’t become are Demon Hunter, Druid, and Evoker. There are some obvious reasons they can’t be Demon Hunters and Evokers. Druid is less cut and dry but I imagine whatever kept them from succumbing to the curse of flesh in the first place doesn’t lend itself to the fluid nature required to be a druid.




Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.

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