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World of Warcraft The War Within

by - 7 months ago



We have multiple new zone to look forward to exploring.

Looking for a quick good time with your buddies? You need not look further then the new mini dungeons in Delves.

In an effort to be even more alt friendly all your character will now be part of a warband, allowing you to share banks reputation and glory!

Craving more depth of skill focus your character on the new Hero Talents that let you specialize in new and exciting ways.

The latest allied race will be a primeval version of the dwarves know as the Earthen.

We can look forward to dynamic flight with all your mounts.

Plenty of new and exciting content to explore.

We even have info on the Epic Edition for the War Within, and it comes with some great goodies.


Aaron "BLU3" Thomson

Blu3 the head of Overwatch Oversight, the infamous relic hunter, and occasional Crusader.

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