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WoW “Free-to-Play” Monetization Earnings Posted

by - 10 years ago

The pay-to-play monolith World of Warcraft is definitely raking in the cash with its microtransaction options, SuperData, Inc., research notes.

The data, which was updated for December 2013, places WoW at seventh place out of ten games. These games include titles like League of Legends, which came in second, and World of Tanks, a surprisingly lucrative MMO:

  1. CrossFire: $957
  2. League of Legends: $624
  3. Dungeon Fighter Online: $426
  4. World of Tanks: $371
  5. Maplestory: $326
  6. Lineage I: $257
  7. World of Warcraft: $213
  8. Star Wars: The Old Republic: $139
  9. Team Fortress 2: $139
  10. Counter-Strike Online: $121

(Dollars in millions; source)

According to the website, the data for the rankings is based on “estimated worldwide, free-to-play earnings for 2013.” For games with subscription models–like WoW and Star Wars: The Old Republic–the company notes that “[these games] also generate revenue through the sale of micro-transactions.”

This development may not be surprising given the game’s current pay-to-play playership (latest numbers placing it at a “humble” 7.6 million) and Blizzard’s growing efforts to capitalize on the microtransaction model (see New Blizzard Monetization Team Forms).

With features like WoW’s new in-game real money store, its continuing provision of paid services like character transfers, and the presence of the free 1-20 leveling experience, data like this may become increasingly important. But for now, Blizzard continues to keep hands in both payment model cookie jars.

SuperData, Inc., specializes in “collecting behavioral data directly from publishers and developers, SuperData identifies key trends, establishes revenue estimates, and analyzes market changes for popular online games, including MMOs, mobile, and social games.” To learn more about its research, click here.

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