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WoW Patch 5.4 Confirmed for August 27? Not So Fast

by - 11 years ago


WoW PvP designer Holinka caused quite the stir on Twitter today.

First off we have the WoW announcement that the current PVP season is ending August 27.

On Tuesday, August 27, the 13th Arena and Rated Battleground Season is scheduled to end. On that day we’ll begin an approximately one week process to determine end-of-season reward eligibilitys.

If you were to look at all past PVP seasons of this expansion they fall on the same day that the new patch releases.

Also in our recent interview with Ghostcrawler yesterday he made this comment regarding saving up valor points for Patch 5.4:

Our plan right now is not to touch valor points, so players who want to stockpile their 3000 valor and have it ready to go when patch 5.4 hits, you should be able to do that and probably want to start thinking about that.

So as of yesterday you should have started thinking about stockpiling that valor gear to hit your 3000 valor and if you had… well, you would be sitting at cap by the time Aug. 27 rolled around.

So going back to Holinka and causing the stir he did – just read the following Twitter conversation:

So the release of the patch will mark the end of the season.

So while it’s not a confirmation that August 27 we’ll see Patch 5.4, that is the date Blizzard is certainly targeting. It’s AS EARLY as August 27 but as we all know, there could be delays. So prepare for August 27 to be the date, but don’t go crying to Holinka if it gets delayed a week or 2.


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