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Blizzard Announces WoW PvPTR, an Arena Testing Event

by - 11 years ago


Blizzard announced a new event to focus on player-versus-play (PvP) testing on the World of Warcraft 5.4 public testing realm (PTR).

The event, which will take place in two parts, will hopefully bring more consistency to PvP on the PTR, allowing developers to gather more accurate data and feedback on how the skill and PvP changes are playing out before the patch is officially launched:

To facilitate more consistent and active participation in PvP testing, we’ll be hosting special “PvPTR” events that should lead to quicker queues, more matches, better competition, and—ultimately—better feedback on issues that affect PvP balance.


The PvPTR will take place on two separate days to ensure that as many players as possible can make it:

  • Patch 5.4 PvPTR – Part One
    Wednesday, July 10
    4 p.m. PDT–9 p.m. PDT
  • Patch 5.4 PvPTR – Part Two
    Saturday, July 20
    8 a.m. PDT–1 p.m. PDT

Additionally, Arena Junkies will be joining in on the fun with streaming videos, PvP commentary, and giveaways.

For more on the upcoming PvPTR event, see Blizzard’s official post on their developer blog here.

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