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Rumor: Heroes Pay Model to be Like League of Legends?

by - 10 years ago

There was a story today on Taiwan site GNN News about Diablo 3 Game Director Josh Mosquiera doing some press event in Korea this week.

Now, this story is mostly about Reaper of Souls, but within it, we might see Blizzard’s plans for a pay model for Heroes of the Storm and it appears they will be going the League of Legends route instead of the DOTA 2 route as far as pay models go. Meaning you’ll be purchasing individual Heroes instead of getting them all free and making micro transactions.

The translation states that when Heroes of the Storm is shipped, players who pre-purchased Reaper of Souls will also get the playable Demon Hunter for free.

Now, we do want to stress a couple things on this story. First off, the translation could be off and this might not be what he said at all. That’s happened several times in the past with other Blizzard news, especially regarding World of Warcraft.

Second of all, it is entirely possible that Blizzard will have a different pay model for Asia than the do for North America/Europe. This is also seen with World of Warcraft as well.

So far we have no confirmation from Blizzard on what the pay model will be for Heroes of the Storm. However, Josh Mosquiera’s comments today over in Korea could give us a glimpse in the direction Blizzard will be going.

So what are your thoughts on this news? Would you rather Blizzard go the League of Legends route where you pay per hero, or would you rather see them go the DOTA 2 route where all the Heroes are free and you make microtransactions for things like different skins? Let us know in the comments.

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been involved with Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. JR was also a co-host for 6 years on the Hearthstone podcast Well Met! He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013.

0 responses to “Rumor: Heroes Pay Model to be Like League of Legends?”

  1. Ebonstorm says:

    Well, seeing Riot’s model, i’d consider it being huge success. Thus, i’d choose the Riot’s model (i do hope you earn game points for example and then you can unlock heroes)

    • tomwilson says:

      riot model didn’t become a success b/c was awesome. They came into the market at the right time. Everybody was waiting for a new update dota game and there was nothing out there but pure shit. Finally LoL came out a year before dota and took a good spot. It has great social aspect that’s why it win a lot of fans. Has nothing to do with pay to win model. Dota 2 will slowly chip away and it’s gaining huge tourney traction. I think LoL will continue to reign b/c it just have a huge base fan though.

  2. Linmoriel says:

    God, I really hope they don’t make us pay for heroes. I would spend money for skins and other cosmetic features (who doesn’t like to look good or ride an intimidating mount?) but I would not pay to access heroes, maps, or other playable content simply on principle. Free to play should be just that – free. Not part of it free and the rest behind a paywall.

    • Lamonteh1 says:

      It’s free to play, it’s pay to unlock faster. Won’t stop you from playing for free.

    • Grant Kerr says:

      Agreed, im happy to pay for skins, but if they cut out content because i have to pay for it i won’t even bother leaving dota.

    • Ryan Hoang says:

      Hope u understand that lol doesnt restrict any gaming content it jsut that they make u pay with IN GAME MONEY for more champions other then that considering they have free weeks wehre u get to test out champions it is not impossible to get every champion in a game without paying a single cent it just takes longer

      • FuckingIdiot says:

        by longer you mean months and months of grinding? as opposed to clicking “install dota 2”, then waiting 5-10 minutes of downloading, and then starting up the game and having every single hero (champion) for free. Yeah… which one sounds more enticing?

        Either way yes they have a pay model. Currently in Heroes you have to buy every hero with ingame currency or by buying them with real money. On a side note its much fucking faster and easier to get the in game currency than it is in LoLame

  3. C0mm4nd3r says:

    Its been confirmed many times already. It has benn found in many files inside the Leaked Alpha client that you will unlock champions by purchasing them both with ingame achievements ( Hearthstone-like ) or by buying them.
    Also having X-Game unlocked in yout BNet account whould unlock some characters ( Including BNet versions of Warcraft2 and Diablo2 ).
    And a free hero rotation.

  4. asasdas says:

    LoL model is anti-competitive and embrace toxicity among player.

    they must not rush the ranked , ppl will stop enjoying the game.

    let it 1 year with stable meta , then open ranked for everyone (make it into subscription so toxic player will think twice to throw in ranked games )

    Come on Blizzard , creating your own MOBA is way to ambitious , but if you guys done it right – you guys will succeed (at least top 5 is more than enough) since LoL is too hard to bring down and continuously grow.

  5. tomwilson says:

    If it’s pay model, I hope they fail and rot in hell. They fk all of us loyal d3 fan with that bullshit rmah and booshit drop rates. Any pay to win game needs to die.

  6. Walter de Leon says:

    You probably won’t pay with real money for Champions, just like in League, you purchase them with points you earn by playing (Influence Points / IP) AND if you want to buy like, a massive bundle of heroes, THEN you pay with real money.

  7. gdummy2011 says:

    dota2 vs LoL business model, yes Dota2 is the more customer friendly model.

    but i dont think “selling heroes” is pay2win or unfair, specially if storm has limited hero pool.

  8. kulsoria says:

    this doesn’t make sense, while I say that the LoL model isn’t wrong and is fair, they have a ton of money to make the champions free, (probably help with balance since everyone will easily be playing other heroes besides the hard meta), and blizzard also has money out the butt. If they go with the old lol model, it will slow everything do and won’t get many players. The lol veterans have spent the time and money so they will be a lot harder to change and dota veterans have spent money on the cosmetics and have all the heroes free