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New Patch Brings Major Quick Match Changes

by - 5 years ago

Are you ready to answer the Call?

The latest Heroes of the Storm patch has brought with it the eagerly awaited role restrictions for Quick Match. Labeled “Call of the Nexus”, Quick Match comps will now prioritize creating teams with at least one Warrior, Support, and Ranged Assassin. In the case of pre-made groups of three or more the following rules will also be in effect:

  • Parties of 3 must have at least one of the required Hero categories selected to queue.
  • Parties of 4 must have at least two of the required Hero categories selected to queue.
  • Parties of 5 are exempt from the role requirements

A new bonus experience indicator has been added, which will reward players with a 50% bonus experience for playing roles which are in short supply.

With so many Heroes in the game and all of them being playable in QM, this still won’t make all comps equal, but it should make the Quick Match experience better now that teams will always have something approaching a standard team composition. The system should be even better once the new role systems get rolled out.

This patch also includes a fairly significant amount of balance updates, mostly in the nerf department. Be sure to closely read the patch notes below to see if your favorite Heroes have been affected. Keep in mind that this will probably be the last Balance Update of the year so the sooner you can adjust to the new Meta the more time that you will have to benefit from it.

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