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Deeds of Valor: Is The 5.4.8 Gear And Valor Change Really Worth It?

by - 4 years ago

On Wednesday of last week, we learned about quite a few changes headed our way with the 5.4.8 patch. Since, the WoW community has been locked in debate across every forum imaginable over Blizzard’s motives regarding the changes. Why change valor procurement and 5.4 epic item upgrades right before the next expansion?

Upgrade Those Upgrades!

As announced by Blizzard, it looks like all of the epic items introduced with 5.4 SoO are now eligible for two more additional upgrades. That means all Timeless Isle and Siege of Orgrimmar items will have this change.

With eight months passed since Siege of Ogrimmar was released and still no definitive word of what is going on with the Warlords of Draenor beta, many are viewing this change as the ultimate game of stalling on Blizzard’s part. Yeah, upgraded gear is great, but we just want a new expansion already.

On the upside, for those who have come late to the game or are facing a brick-wall-boss that they can’t seem to get past, these upgrades are a welcome change, even if they potentially mean more waiting for the Warlords Beta.

Valor Changes

In addition to the changes with upgrades, it looks like capping your weekly valor just got a little easier, but only if you have a ton of Timeless Coins sitting around. This change will allow those who don’t want to raid for valor to simply purchase it in 100 point increments for 3,000 Timeless Coins. Not only will this change in valor procurement benefit those who are upgrading gear, but it will also be a huge help for those who are tackling the Legendary Quest Chain. The token, called Deeds of Valor, binds on pickup and can’t be traded. Additionally, the weekly 1000 point cap on valor still stands.

Again, players are asking why the sudden shift, and why now? Sure, there have been some miffed players who have complained about Timeless Coins being completely useless outside of the occasional Burden of Eternity and paper lanterns, but changing the entire valor system to simply make the Timeless Isle currency relevant again doesn’t make much sense either.

Many are speculating that Blizzard, in conjunction with the upgrades, is changing the way players get valor in an effort to level the playing field and provide a welcome distraction while we wait for the Warlords beta.

Ultimately, the changes seem to be welcome by most players, as they are obviously upgrades to ‘quality of life’, but keep in mind that we are likely facing even more changes in the pre-expansion 6.0 patch. Players will see the stat item squish, changes in raid size, and class changes once the 6.0 patch goes live. It seems obvious that the majority of 5.4.8’s changes will be irrelevant since more changes will just be coming in 6.0 that will, according to everything Blizzard has already said, make certain bosses easier anyway.