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Diablo: What’s Next Panel

by - 4 years ago

The Diablo What’s Next panel wrapped up earlier today and with it came some new information and looks at their new mobile game Diablo Immmortal. They went over some things like class design, systems, and how the players interact with the world and each other.


  • Nine Zones at launch
  • Enemies respawn in the areas outside of dungeons at set times
  • Dungeons will be instanced for solo and group play
  • There will be legendary items
  • Immortal is going to have battle.net integration.
  • Westmarch is a public space to see other players and interact with them along with other things.
  • Zones are public and you can encounter other players.
  • 6 Classes at launch Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk, Wizard.
  • Uses virtual controls and features full ARPG combat that you are familair with from the franchise.
  • All classes in Diablo immortal have 12 skills on launch with some new and some returning from other games.
  • Multiple Diablo projects are still in the works.
  • No plans for PC just Android and IOS.
  • They want to explore the story between D2 and D3 and what effect the corruption of the world stone had on sanctuary.
  • No plans for Hardcore mode yet.
  • They want to grow the Community by bringing the franchise to mobile along with consoles.



0 responses to “Diablo: What’s Next Panel”

  1. Jusca says:

    “They want to grow the Community by bringing the franchise to mobile along with consoles.”

    No they (mosly activision and netease) just want money, and Blizzard killed his Legacy