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Diablo: Immortal, New Diablo Mobile MMO, Announced at BlizzCon 2018

by - 4 years ago

A new mobile Diablo game, Diablo: Immortal, was announced at BlizzCon today. It’s being developed in conjunction with NetEase and occurs shortly after the events of Diablo 2. It’s a top-notch, full Blizzard quality experience for Android and iOS.

The story starts with a demon named Skarn, who “gathers fragments of the corrupted Worldstone [to] use them to resurrect Diablo.” Whether he succeeds we don’t yet know, although Diablo is in a lot of the art and is the namesake. The story will continue to develop with regular updates.

Fans can pre-register for a chance to participate in beta, as well as “earn exclusive in-game rewards.” Learn more on the official site, and stay tuned for the Diablo: What’s Next panel for more information later today!

Diablo: Immortal Features

  • 6 Returning Classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard, with new powers and abilities
  • New classes to come in future updates
  • Regular new storylines and loot
  • Upgrade gear, craft items, and form groups
  • Westmarch will be the game’s central hub
  • Dynamic events in unique public zones
  • Instanced dungeons
  • Locations include Wortham, Library of Zoltan Kulle, jungle island of Bilefen, and more undiscovered locations
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post)


Eight Unique Zones & Seven Instanced Dungeons

Forge your own path through Sanctuary as you venture through places such as the jungle island of Bilefen, the Library of Zoltun Kulle, and the Shassar Sea—then visit the hub city of Westmarch to rest, trade with merchants, access your stash, and socialize with other players.

Face a Terrifying New Foe

The demon known as Skarn, Herald of Terror—once Diablo’s most powerful lieutenant—is rallying a new demonic army. Skarn intends to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and use them to resurrect Diablo and reignite the Eternal Conflict.
Rise as a Champion of Sanctuary

Become humanity’s last hope as one of six distinct classes, each with their own special way of sending the denizens of the Burning Hells back to the abyss: Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Demon Hunter, and Necromancer.


Designed for Mobile

Diablo: Immortal is being designed from the ground-up to give you an authentic Diablo experience on touchscreen devices. Directional controls make moving around intuitive, and activating a skill is as easy as holding your thumb down on its icon to aim, then releasing it to unleash hell on your foes. Meanwhile, recently looted items can be equipped with a single tap on the screen.

A Massively Multiplayer World in Your Pocket

Join your fellow demon slayers to delve into deep, treacherous dungeons. Drop in or out of groups easily and engage in dynamic events all over the world, teaming up with other heroes as you take down Skarn’s minions—and reap their powerful rewards.


Pre-Register Now

Diablo Immortal will rise from our forges soon, but pre-registration signups have already begun! You can sign up today for more news about Diablo Immortal, including information about the upcoming beta test.

Diablo: Immortal Trailer

Diablo: Immortal Screen Shots



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