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Overwatch Details Retribution Mission, Introduces New Map “Rialto”

by - 4 years ago

Jeff Kaplan delivered at the opening of Overwatch League’s Stage 3. At halftime of the Seoul – Valiant match, Kaplan gave up almost all the details about the upcoming Retribution mission and the new map where  it will take place — Rialto in Venice, Italy.

Overwatch’s newest map — Rialto.

Rialto, in addition to being the location of this year’s new PvE mission, will be available in PvP as well as an escort map. Kaplan said the map would have to spend some time on the PTR before being released for PvP. The Retribution PvE mission will take place at night and PvP rounds will happen during the day. Kaplan’s full presentation at OWL on April 4 is below:

On to the mission — which looks absolutely epic. Moira, McCree, Genji and Reaper are going after Antonio, a Talon boss headquartered in Venice, Italy. Our heroes will have to take on a number of different types of enemies. I found at least 4 different enemy types in the event trailer:

Clockwise from top left — what we’ll call a Talon Grunt, a sniper,a large boi and a Talon Assasin.

Players will face off against each of these enemy types and probably more. Grunt’s (top left) will probably be your standard enemy. In the trailer they had both white and red helmets. The ones with red helmets seemed to be carrying assault rifles, while the white helmed guys looked like they were packing shotguns.

Snipers (top right) look like, well snipers, and seem to have Reaper’s shadow step ability as well. Large bois (bottom right) are very large enemies that drop out of the sky and have mini guns where their hands would be. All enemies could drop out of the sky but in the trailer, our large friends are the only ones who appear to.

Finally, Assassins (bottom left) appear to be fast-moving enemies capable of dealing large amount of damage.

What the mission objectives actually consist of remains to be seen.

Overwatch also teased the new Blackwatch Moira skin, which just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Is it April 10 yet?

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