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Ben Brode in Australia: #AskBrode Twitter Q&A

by - 5 years ago

The Australia Twitter Q&A has started for the #AskBrode campaign. We’ll be updating below as answers come in!

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EDIT: The Q&A has now been concluded. Ben was able to answer 15 questions from fans in the time frame allotted.


  • Hearthstone API not being worked on  or coming any time soon. Thinks it would be cool to have.
  • Classic will continue to be “evergreen” in standard. But might change if they don’t feel standard is changing between rotations.
  • Everyone puts their ideas on a whiteboard when they plan a new expansion and then narrow it down from there by picking their favorites before choosing.
  • Developers writing class blogs is a cool idea.
  • Favorite Hearthstone card back was for Legacy of the Void but it’s getting replaced by the new disco card back.
  • Could potentially see more Foe Reaper 4000 effects in the future. Ben really likes those kind of mechanics that affect combat in that way.
  • One of Priest’s identity is healing and they would like to keep each class with it’s own identity other than passing it around (when asked about Paladin and it’s current healing effects)
  • Regarding Rafaam connection in the most recent cinematic, it’s nothing more than just wanting to bring back old characters in the cinematics for fun.
  • Doesn’t think the solution is to never make good commons for to balance arena. Agrees they have to do a better job at balancing arena and are looking at other changes (like making some cards less likely to appear) to possibly do it instead of restraining their design of the cards themselves.
  • Ben Brode’s favorite team 5 producer is basically everyone except Yong Woo (who wrote in the question).
  • Priests might be good or bad in the next meta when the set releases and it all depends on how the meta shapes up to be. Mentions Book Wyrm could be a good card for Dragon Priest.
  • Ben got his first job doing QA at Blizzard by becoming friends with workers there when he was delivering pizza. Got into design by making maps and got into Hearthstone by making a mobile game in his free time.
  • Would rather fight 1 horse sized duck than 100 ducks sized horses.
  • Will be able to use the Medivh skin in the Karazhan adventure. Encourages people to give it a shot, that they might be surprised at what happens *hinting at possible unique interactions?
  • First adventure mode was almost Karazhan. Wanted to come back to it with a fun and lighthearted idea and wanted to explore Karazhan at a different time in history than players see in WoW.

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