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Augmenting Items in Patch 2.4

by - 9 years ago

A lot of new cool features were announced to be coming with Patch 2.4 during the Diablo Panel yesterday, so if you haven’t had the chance to catch up you can do so right here. One of these new features is coming in the form of a new Kanai’s Cube recipe, Caldesann’s Despair. This recipe allows you to sacrifice a Legendary Gem and three Flawless Royal Gems to give an Ancient item of your choice a boost to your main stat. This is definitely one of the more interesting recipes and should add depth to end game progression but, it doesn’t come without limitations or restrictions.

Each item type has a different minimum Legendary Gem rank requirement that needs to be met in order to use this recipe.

  • Weapons require a rank 30 Legendary Gem
  • Jewelry requires a rank 40 Legendary Gem
  • Armor requires a rank 50 Legendary Gem




Legendary Gem ranks also determine how much more of your main stat that you’re going to get out of this recipe. You will get +5 points to your main stat on the augmented item for every rank on the Legendary Gem that you choose to consume. As you can see above, a rank 50 Gem will get you an additional 250 points to your main stat. You also can’t double up the effect by augmenting twice, if you augment the same item a second time, it will replace the current augmentation with the new one.

The fact that this can only be done on Ancient Legendary items shows that they are really trying to push set-less build viability and make the hunt for Ancient items have more incentive. Which could turn out to be very good for the game, because I don’t feel like builds that are based on item sets should be the only viable option at end game. The reworked Legacy of Nightmares ring set is looking very promising in that regard too, but we will have see how this all works out come the start of the PTR next week.

EDIT: Senior Game Designer,Wyatt Cheng clarified that you can also augment Ancient set items as well, so this recipe works on any kind of Ancient item. (this was a misunderstanding on my part!)

All in all this is an interesting addition to end game player progression that should add some more depth and give you something else to do. This also gives players a reason to level up Legendary Gems that they otherwise wouldn’t bother with which is a lot better than just having a bunch of unused gems in your stash.

So how do you guys feel about augmenting items? Is this something that you’ll be interested in doing? Or do you not really care too much about min/maxing? Let us know in the comments below!



0 responses to “Augmenting Items in Patch 2.4”

  1. Christoph Fuchs says:

    nice arcticle ! txh bro 🙂

  2. David Leipold says:

    Obviously this caters more to the SC folk because they lose nothing upon death and can push higher to get more gem levels with little consequence. I wish gem upgrading was a bit more generous because people ain’t got no time for 1% attempts 😛

    As someone that plays 4 or 5 different characters in a season, I was hoping gems would become account wide to eliminate having to create games just to shuffle gems around.

    I’ll assume here that reality was too expensive to code or make possible to the game. Instead Devs will eliminate excess gems and having mass amounts rolling over to non-seasonal and that solution is giving the player the power to destroy them with cube recipe.

    • Buddydudeguy says:

      Screw hardcore. Have fun pussy footing and not pushing GR’s and/or losing it all when you inevitably die. “caters to the SC folk” is never a point against anything.
      Hardcore is nothing more than a optional mode.

      • Jamie R says:

        Having nothing on the line is equally boring. At least in Hardcore you get an incredible rush you don’t get in SC. Nuff’ said

        • Buddydudeguy says:

          It’s purely a optional mode aimed at the masochistic.

          • Perdition says:

            So, even more pointless grind in SC is not masochistic or just plain autistic? Who are you trying to kid here.

          • Buddydudeguy says:

            Have fun starting over when you inevitably die.

          • trashcanbin says:

            And how is HC not masochistic MORE as it’s permanent death on top of SC?

            What’s more pointless trying to cheat permanent death?

            What’s more retarded here?

          • gigi says:

            you are more retarded here. what’s the point of playing a game if you simply can not loose? what sort of stupid thing is that?

          • trashcanbin says:

            Lose, dumbass. Not loose. Write better then come back to argue. Brain like a pig.

          • Kjersti Nyhagen says:

            These comments bring me great joy. Argue more! Entertain me!

          • stephen mccord says:

            You have a brain of a pig, not “brain like a pig”. Your statement makes it sound like we have to think like a pig. Love it when trolls bash people’s grammar when they barely have a grasp of it themselves.

          • trashcanbin says:

            I can perfectly use proper grammar and punctuation when talking normally, but when I see idiots like you and them, I don’t see a need to.

          • taizun says:

            Biggest troll-tryhard I’ve seen in a while. 5/7 for effort, 0/8 for execution.

          • trashcanbin says:

            Why, trolling is trolling. And trolling idiots no need for good execution. You want to join them?

          • unixtreme says:

            Sounds like you died once and now are butthurt. It’s ok, nobody has to like HC, you can suck in anymode you want.

          • Buddydudeguy says:

            lol nice strawman comeback. No see…I don’t play hardcore. Never ever have, never will.

        • phantum says:

          Clearly you have never ridden a motorcycle. You need to get out and discover what a real rush is.

      • Mike says:

        Haha, materialistic peasant. I’ve been playing a hardcore wizard this season and have cleared a lvl 70 grift. 110 hours and not a single death; could you say the same? Oh, sorry, I can’t hear you while you face roll your keyboard.

        Besides, when I die, I already have a back-up set ready to go, so I’m back in Torment 6+ in a matter of hours

  3. Corné Cornoster Bergakker says:

    If I have augmented an ancient item and want to augment again does it work?