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The Grand Tournament Pre-Purchase Available on Amazon (Best Deal)

by - 6 years ago

Edit: As of right now Amazon coins are 20% off so you can get 10,000 coins for $80 now instead of $90. So $80 will get you 97 packs.

If you’re looking to pre-purchase The Grand Tournament to get 50 packs and the new card back, Amazon is the way to do it and it’s currently live right now.

Now you might be asking why Amazon is the best deal to pre-purchase since it’s still $49.99 – and the reason is because of how Amazon Coins work. You buy Amazon Coins, open up the Hearthstone application using the Hearthstone Amazon app on your phone, and you can purchase card packs with the coins. When you do that, Amazon then gives you 10 to 20% coins back which you can then use to purchase more packs.

I personally just went ahead and purchased 10,000 Amazon Coins for $90.

I used 4999 of those coins to buy The Grand Tournament pre-purchase. I got 1,000 coins back leaving me now with 6,001 coins. When The Grand Tournament releases I will be using these coins to purchase another 40 packs for 4999 coins. After that I will receive 500 coins back leaving me at 1,502 coins. I can use those coins to buy 9 more packs.

After all is said and done, for $90 I will be able to walk away with 97 card packs for The Grand Tournament.

For the same price normally without Amazon Coins, you would be looking at 80 card packs for $90. So by using Amazon you are gaining an additional 17 packs (over a $20 value!)

Unfortunately the Amazon App is only available on Android devices, but you can easily run an emulator to do this.  HearthPwn has a pretty good tutorial on doing it while also helping you get that Samsung Galaxy card back and the additional 3 packs for that promotion.

Edit: Since there’s some confusion on how to do this…

  • Step 1: Buy Amazon Coins here
  • Step 2: Download Amazon App on your Android Phone
  • Step 3: Download Hearthstone using the Amazon app on your phone
  • Step 4: Open Hearthstone
  • Step 5: Go to the shop
  • Step 6: Purchase The Grand Tournament – it will give you the option to purchase with your coins. This is ONLY available if you are using the Hearthstone app you got from the Amazon app.

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0 responses to “The Grand Tournament Pre-Purchase Available on Amazon (Best Deal)”

  1. Gabe says:

    where can i pre purchase the bundle through amazon? link?

  2. Golgo13 says:

    Android boo.

  3. cheeznuts says:

    Link doesn’t work and there isn’t a way to do it in the actual hearthstone app or on battle.net.. Am I missing something? I really am trying to throw my money at Blizz here and they aren’t letting me, which is a first

  4. alfapatito says:

    Well, here in argentina things are crazy expensive, but blizzard give us good deals, we pay 53 us dollars for 60 packs, I dont know how much the preorder its going to go for. We also pay 1 month of wow for 5 bucks, so we have that going, which is nice

    • Ruud Willems says:

      In the netherlands we pay 63 euro for 62 packs and 15 euro for 1 month wow so its a lot expensive here 53 us dollars is 44 euros for us 5 bucks is around 3.40 euros

  5. MattyP says:

    Is this available in Canada? I can’t even find the hearthstone app on the amazon app store.

  6. SirSmokealot says:

    Is it me or is your math flawed? You say you get 10% coins back.
    10% of 4999 coins = 500 coins

    So after your first purchase you have 10000 – 4999 + 500 (the 10% bonus) = 5501

    Second purchase 5501 – 4999 + 500 (10% bonus) = 1002

    That leaves you with 1002 instead of 1502.

  7. AJ Espinosa says:

    This is a great tip. You can purchase 5000 coins on the Amazon website for $45, and then you can use those coins to do the pre-purchase. Amazon gives you 1000 coins back, so you effectively get the pre-purchase deal for $35.

  8. Cole Morgan says:

    is the break tonight the release? it says the shop is being updated…