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The Grand Tournament Spoiler Card List

by - 9 years ago

Hearthstone’s second major expansion is expected to be released August 2015 and has 132 collectible cards. As cards get revealed we will add them to this spoiler list until we have the full collection. We’ve arranged them by rarity and then by casting cost and alphabetical order with the class cards being afterwards.

Revealed 132/132

Last Updated August 14, 2015

Neutral Common (22 cards)

Neutral Rare (9 cards)

Neutral Epic (9 cards)

Neutral Legendary (10 cards)

Druid (9 cards)

Hunter (10 cards)

Mage (9 cards)

Paladin (9 cards)

Priest (9 cards)

Rogue (9 cards)


Shaman (9 cards)

Warlock (9 cards)

Warrior (9 cards)

Justicar Trueheart Hero Power Changes

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been involved with Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. JR was also a co-host for 6 years on the Hearthstone podcast Well Met! He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013.

0 responses to “The Grand Tournament Spoiler Card List”

  1. Eduardo Mesel L. Seixas says:

    Coldarra Drake is Mage, not Neutral

  2. César Molina says:

    Totem Golem is simply a stupiddity, Blizzard. Nerf it before release, plz (“oh, this season shamanwas the less loved one, let’s give him a card that demostrates this is about money, not about skill”)

    • Marcus Tanfield says:

      right a 3/4 for 2 and only overload 1 like wtf

    • Crazyflames says:

      That shows in no way this is about money, it’s a common, you can craft the card the second the expansion comes out if you think it’s that broken.

      • César Molina says:

        It’s not about the card itself, but what it’s powerlevel represents in function of what the people wants from the game and what Blizzard is capable to do in order to get their payments. I love this game, but can’t neglect of what I’m seeing, and it is that priority isn’t the game being healty, then the money will come alone, but they expecting to give people what the want instead of what they need just to don’t see their incomes decrease. Sad.

        • Crazyflames says:

          That makes no sense in the context of the card we are discussing. They aren’t pushing this set due to a common in order to get money. If it was epic or legendary, you might have a case but anybody can craft this easily without opening a pack of the new card set. I agree this is strong but shaman is in a pretty poor position right now and it is still paying 3 for a 3/4, a coined zap o matic can end the game turn 2 from its damage, a card like this doesn’t have near that potential, and I would argue knife juggler is stronger as well if not as strong..

        • Brenden McMonigle says:

          This has nothing to do with Totem Golem. Your logic has fallen apart.

    • Phillip Norton says:

      This is a 3/4 for 3… and much like many other class cards, it uses the Shaman’s unique mechanic… It seems very standard to me.

    • Emanuel Montañez says:

      Class cards are usually a bit better than neutral cards. This is just a better Spider Tank. Is this card powerfull? yes. Is this card gonna be in every Shaman deck? yes. But is this card OP? I don’t think so, it’s pretty standard for Shamans to have this kind of stuff.
      I’m more worried about Justicar Truehearth in Warrior decks.

    • Brenden McMonigle says:

      Nerf Shaman? Nerf the worst class in the game? Shaman has been screwed over too many times, go complain about Divine Favor and Battle Rage before you even think about touching my precious Golem.

  3. Pablo Vicente Rodriguez says:

    132 Cards…. Meaning 9 more cards than GvG… Meaning 9 more class commons ??

    • Brilliam Freeman says:

      most likely they indeed are class cards but they might be any rarity. I hope they would be legendaries considering there is only 9 more cards than in gvg (one extra per class) and having 4 legendaries per class would be nice and give little versatility.
      but this is just me being a dreamer.

  4. Kristian Eriksson says:

    IMO Ball of Spiders costs way too much…?

    • Rasmus Theil Hansen says:

      So ancient of lore is a 5/5 body for 7 that draws 2 cards (most of the time) and this is a 3/3 for 6 which “draws” you 3 cards, which is sorta comparable.. is this too random slow and clunky alot of the time? yes. would it be really insane value for mana if it was cheaper? At 5 this card would probably be pretty good, so way to much isnt really true

      • Roger Smith says:

        3 tokens and 3 random beasts can help swing the late-game back into a hunter’s favor. It is more of a mid-range deal…but 5-8 webspinners overall means you can have way more than two of any beast….granted, what we’ve learned from the webspinner tarven brawl is that it’s far more likely to throw you some captain’s parrot instead….it can also throw you more King Crush or Gahzrilla….imagine getting King Crush from all of your webspinners. That’d be insane luck.

  5. Roger Smith says:

    Totem Golem turn 2, Flametongue and Totemic Might turn 3….you now have a 0/5 buffing totem and a 5/6 that’s none too happy turn 3.

    • Dan Riehl says:

      I do feel Totem Shaman is going to become a viable gimmick deck, maybe even going on to get competitive (Emphasis on maybe). It’s going to be fun to watch the meta evolve.

  6. Dinu Mihai says:

    SHAMAN EXPANSION! All non-shaman delete ur decks!

  7. Omar Sameh says:

    ahhhhhhhhh atlast the card i was waiting for warlock is come i was think about fel hunter and wrath guard and terror guard to bring them and they already bring wrath guard and he is already op card i think all warlocks will use it now but i didn’t think they will bring abystal since they already bring him as spell card that makes 2 damge to all non demon minons from BRM

  8. Keenan Meadows says:

    What the hell are these rogue cards? First we get a 6 mana version of shamans overload hammer, now we get a worse bolderfist ogre. Which takes up a valuable 5 cost slot already held by azure drake, healbot and sometimes sludge belcher. Not to mention there are only 2 rogue spells and the coin that trigger him on 5. I thought the gvg rogue support was bad, this stuff is horrendous.

    • Omar Sameh says:

      you right man plus shado pan is monk not rogue and bolderfist ogre is better than him if i need atlest 1 crystal spell i use it to play him as same stats as ogre and same cost 6 mana its useless

      • Necro says:

        Do you even Coin, Preparation or Backstab?

        If you go second, you can Coin into Shado-Pan on turn 4, which would be about the same as innervating a Boulderfist.

      • Melissa Juice says:

        Grammar exists.

    • Brilliam Freeman says:

      you do know that, you can boost the rogue weapon more than once? either keep buffing it each turn with your hero power (and more often if you those cards that lets you use them more than once) or heck, be an actually good rogue and COMBO IT WITH SOMETHING. You know, the thing that rogue excels at?

      but I’m sorry, I guess you just want some “pay one mana, win the game” cards right?

      • Keenan Meadows says:

        Right, so I can equip a weapon at 4 dif and spend two turns making it into a worse assassins blade? Seems good.

        Or I can coin out the 5 drop shadopan. Which is a really reliable strategy. Always.

        You right, you right.

        • Brilliam Freeman says:

          or you could could coin it turn 3, boost every so often you can, oil it once or twice, keep boosting while comboing with inspire cards, maybe even couple pirates into the mix, and vola, potentially weapon with power over 10 or even 15 and ready to kick opponents face. And considering there is still over 90 cards to be revealed, who knows what you might be able combo this card with.

          oh but right, you guys play just the dull meta with all of you using exact same decks. thats right, i forgot the fun is not allowed in hearthstone, its all about following what meta players say.

          • Josh Gotlieb says:

            Are you high? Poisoned Blade would be unplayable if it cost 2. It costs 4. Every pro and streamer around has already called it the worst card revealed in the set so far and for obvious reasons. It take 10 mana over 3 turns to even be as good as assassins blade and assassins blade barely sees play.

          • Brilliam Freeman says:

            Am not high. I just seem to be only person who wants to have fun with this game and people like you and your pro players suck the fun right out of this game.

            and unplayable if it cost two? yeesh, and you call me high.

          • Josh Gotlieb says:

            Playing bad cards isn’t fun. If you want to do something cute with weapons just play assassins blade.

          • Brilliam Freeman says:

            and where is fun in that? just using same cards over and over and never experiment with others? I agree that at base poison blade is not that impressive, but it seems fun to experiment with, once we see other cards in the release. and while this is extremely rare and unlikely, blizzard might just buff the card to be more playable is demand is right, maybe drop cost by 1 or your mentioned two. They changed kings defender before release so its not total impossibility.

            tho to be frank, i wish blizzard would buff most of the cards in this game, so it would actually change this stale and unfunny meta and make more cards not just fun to mess with but more viable.

          • Spencer Butisbauch says:

            Totally agree, though I wish poisoned blade was at least 2 atk. For a 4 cost 1/3 weapon that’s just to slow, though I would really like to try this card out. Like you said, oil and maybe even the auto-barber, you could pull off some sort of a combo. And yes, the meta is just face hunters and the few who actually want to have fun.

          • Spencer Butisbauch says:

            I wish the meta was more intriguing and fun, unlike getting your butt handed to you by a face hunter/huntard whatever you want to call it.
            I just beg of blizzard to (like you said) buff some cards that aren’t seeing play. Josh gotlieb, just a quick word. Playing bad cards (millhouse, for example XD) is not always dull like you explained it to be. Millhouse IS a 2 drop 4/4 for example, and sometimes seeing what your opponent does is hilarious. here is a far fetched example:

            You: coin millhouse.
            Opponent: x2 pyroblast, x2 fireball.

            You gotta at least laugh at that, right? Btw I think this is possible because your opponents hand is this on his first turn: 4/5 cards and the coin.

          • Josh Gotlieb says:

            Millhouse isn’t a “bad” card it’s just to risky to justify playing in any serious deck. The difference with poisened blade is that anything “fun” you’re trying to do with it you can just do better with assassins blade or even cogmaster’s wrench.

          • Spencer Butisbauch says:

            Well, that is true, but still don’t you wish the meta wasn’t full of face hunters?

          • Josh Gotlieb says:

            The meta is all face hunters because of the ladder system.

          • Brilliam Freeman says:

            Well, seeing all cards revealed. I can see meta actually slowing down quite a bit with all these cards that counter aggro nut decks pretty well. I m personally excited for this expansion. It punishes at least a little the playstyle i dislike and find boring and rewards the styles I do like, a.k.a aggro/face vs. anything else.
            oh and thanks for agreeing with me before.

          • sheldor_tq says:

            By a serious player who likes to play rogue, rogue cards are indeed, shit, and it makes me pretty sad I must say, it’s the most interesting class to play, just needs a bit more consistancy…

          • Mike Kleinert says:

            but then they revealed Demonfuse
            look how good poisoned blades now look 😀

          • Brilliam Freeman says:

            People never seem to complain about Arcane Golems tho, cause aggro-nuts.
            Plus, Demonfuse is better used in later game than early, since then you dont care about mana advantage, especially on turn 9.
            Its a ok buff that can turn the game with cards like Doomguard, Mistress of pain, any táunt demon and well any big demon, especially ones summoned by Jaraxxus.

      • Dan Riehl says:

        I can maybe see Poisoned Blade seeing use in Oil Rogue. Maybe. It does bring me back to the days when Rogue’s hero power was “Equip a 1/2 weapon. If you already have a weapon equipped, give it +1 attack.” There’s a reason that got nerfed. 😀

    • Melissa Juice says:

      Shado-pan Calvary is fantastic. Beautiful design. Awesome card to have around.

  9. Dannie Ray says:

    I’m really looking forward to building a Beast Druid, hopefully it ends up being viable.

  10. dominque Faduchia says:

    Why do the shamans get the best 2 drops?

    • Melissa Juice says:

      They don’t.

    • Brenden McMonigle says:

      Because for the last two sets Shamans have received only one viable card, Fireguard destroyer, and even THAT isn’t consistent. Shaman players have been screwed over, which is why the class has a sadly low win rate and its only competitively viable deck is a cheese mech OTK deck.
      We need these cards. Shaman hasn’t seen “The Best” ever. Ever.

  11. Melissa Juice says:

    Set is looking absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait. 🙂

  12. Necro says:

    Let’s just hope all warrior commons are like Bash: Strong in arena, but not directly supporting the Grim Paron Warrior archetype.

  13. Jeremy O'Hara says:

    Is it weird that I’m most excited for bash? Lightning helix in hearthstone seems good.

  14. Noah Kierst says:

    ‘Crowd Favorite’ is missing from the list

    • Eldorian says:

      It’s been added – a couple other cards were missing as well. With the WoW expansion reveal yesterday it put us a bit behind on Hearthstone.

      • Omar Sameh says:

        well eldorian who are you since i see word Mod near your name ??

        • Eldorian says:

          I’m one of the 2 owners for BlizzPro and the author of this article.

          • Omar Sameh says:

            with all my respect sir but why cards have like old quality and first of jaraxxus in this picture why he blue and we all he is red and why they didn’t released fel hunter and terror guard ?

  15. Michael Basile says:

    Why the hell. Does Fist of Jaraxxus. Have a blue Eredar. Like….No.

    • Mike Kleinert says:

      yes thats so strange oO
      maybe its before he meet up with sargeras?

    • David Orelus Viteri says:

      old art from WoW TCG being reused most likely, that already happened with Mal’ganis since on WoW TCG he was Tichondrius

  16. Alex Artese says:

    Anyone have any idea what the hero abilities of Ragnaros and Jaraxxus are with Justicar Trueheart?

  17. Xyo LikesDinosaurs says:

    Why not call the upgraded mage heropower Inferno Blast since that’s the upgraded Fireblask for fire mages?

  18. Dan Riehl says:

    Rhonin… :/ My first impression was “3 copies of Arcane Missiles? Really?” And then I thought “Well, that synergizes with Flamecaller and Antonidas, at least…” Sorcerer’s Apprentice makes Arcane Missiles free, and Gazlowe adds 3 mechs (w/o Apprentice). A few other cards also synergize (Violet Teacher, Questing Adventurer, etc.) with it, but Arcane Missiles is still not amazing. Add on the AMs being a deathrattle, so he’s prone to silence, and he’s only a 7/7 for 8. Dr. Boom is a much better choice, imo. I really don’t see this seeing much play in anything but gimmick decks.

    • Dobablo says:

      Everything is worse than Dr Boom. He has the potential to be more deadly than Dr Boom, but that requires some decent synergies.

      I think Rhonin is the third choice for a 7 mana legendary (behind Dr Boom and Antonidas). He is unlikely to be crafted, but he isn’t a junk legendary. He’ll find play if drawn from a pack by a player with a smaller collection of cards.

      • Dan Riehl says:

        That’s true, all of it. But he costs 8 mana. He is definitely what I see as a “Beginner’s Legendary”, when you don’t really have anything else to choose from.

        I mean, he does fit into Spell Power Mage, so that may see a slight rise in popularity, and if he dies into Effigy, there is a small pool of 8-drops he can turn into: Ironbark Protector, Tirion Fordring, Al’Akir, Grommash, Chromaggus, Foe Reaper, Force-Tank MAX, Gruul, Kel’thusad, Ragnaros, Sneed’s, and whatever else gets released in TGT. I’d only complain if he turned into MAX, but even then he’d just have gained divine shield.

        Huh. I think we may have stumbled upon a use for Rhonin. Granted, it’s a very situational use, but it’s still a use.

  19. Horia Baldea says:

    Wrathguard is such a good card for suicidal strategies!! i can see myself dead on turn 3 even if a priest heals me once.

  20. Horia Baldea says:

    Wrathguard is an awesome card for suicidal strategies!! I can see myself dead on turn 3 even if a priest would heal me once..

    • Brilliam Freeman says:

      … well while I see wrathguard can potentially cause you to kill yourself, even so, your way of saying it is a bit of overstatement.

      It depends on timing when you play it.
      most beneficial timing would be early as possible, of course. that way you have semi big monster early in game that can give you a big head start if you hit opponents face with it multiple times while having less to worry about opponents bigger monsters that early on (expect against druid of course), that can potentially increase the damage you take from this guard.
      heck, if you coin it turn 1 and turn 2 you use power overwhelming or two, then boom, 8 – 12 damage in your opponent’s face for 3 – 4 mana in two turns, without getting damage to yourself, unless opponent gets early taunt minion.

      At mid to late game however… yeah its pretty much a suidice note unless maybe you’re in such lead in th game you can’t lose anymore, but that’s a big maybe… at least 3 damage is guaranteed to hit your face with. later game you risk getting potentially, if we use, let’s say, any giants, 8 – 10 damage to you face. noot something you want to happen…

      • Horia Baldea says:

        You’re right, although I didnt mean to start a constructive discussion.. But if you take it so, it also synergies with that 5 mana minion which increases his attack whenever you take damage on your turn

        • Brilliam Freeman says:

          Oh thats right. It does synergize with Floating watcher you’re talking about and well, Handlocks love molten giants anyway, this just speeds things up with them.

          Althought, now that all cards have been revealed,, there has come up cards that you would use rather than Wrathguard in demon deck. Its still nice body for 2 in handlock, but yeah, its a bit less desirable than before but still comboable.

  21. Alargento says:

    King’s Elekk is missing!!! (Hunter common)

  22. Brandon says:

    Since all cards are up, does that mean the packs will be avaliable by like tomorrow??? Please say yes.

  23. Dan Riehl says:

    Woah! Ice Rager too OP! It takes a GREAT card (Magma Rager) and gives it 1 more health! Totally going to see competitive play!

    /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/ /sarcasm/

  24. Conor says:

    Seriously? One murloc, I mean at least it’s for pally but still one?

  25. Brendan Babin says:

    Why is Blizzard trying to force Druids to become a sub-Hunter archetype???