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Archon Team League Championship Week 1 Recap

by - 9 years ago

Week 1 of ATLC gave us a lot to talk about when it came to Complementary Content and Presentation, but the games were also very note-worthy. The ATLC has a pretty cool format and it  has some of the best players in the world competing for the massive 250k price. So how did the week 1 matches go? Find out with our recap below.


Underdogs Shine:

A lot of people thought that the makeshift teams of Value Town and Forsen Boys were going to have a hard time facing the established teams like Liquid, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9. But right off the bat, these teams showed that they got enough fight in them to take out anyone. Day 1 saw Value Town facing off against Cloud 9, and  while the team lead by Kolento and Strifecro was the clear favorite to take the series. It was Dog, Trump, and Kibler who showed the world that they are to be taken seriously.

During Day 2, we saw Forsen Boys battling Tempo Storm. Forsen Boys immediately established that they were not to be messed with and shot up to a crushing 5-0 lead. This gave Ostkaka 5 opportunities to put the match away, and he ended up needing most of them as Tempo Storm managed a 4-game comeback before Ostkaka was finally able to give Forsen Boys a 6-4 victory.

Can the Forsen Boys and Value Town continue to tackle down the more established teams? Make your predictions on the comments below.

0-4 Police:

If you were expecting another dose of 0-4sen, you were probably disappointed, as Forsen went 2-0 this week. Instead, the 0-4 police took in Tiddler and Kolento. Tiddler and Kolento are both widely recognized as some of the best players in the world, so it was very surprising to see them start ATLC with such poor performances. Both Cloud9 and Team Celestial will need these players to have rebound performances if they want to beat Team Liquid, and Nihilum respectively.

The Games

Nihilum def. Archon (6-5):

  • RDU (Aggro Pally) vs. Firebat (Freeze Mage)
  • Lifecoach (Patron Warrior) vs. Xixo (Face Hunter)
  • Thijs (Ramp Druid) vs. Zalae (Patron Warrior)
  • RDU (Aggro Pally) vs. Xixo (Face Hunter)
  • Lifecoach (Demon Handlock) vs. Zalae (Ramp Druid)
  • Thijs (Oil Rogue)  vs. Firebat (Warlock Zoo)
  • RDU (Hybrid Hunter) vs. Xixo (Oil Rogue) 
  • RDU (Hybrid Hunter) vs. Zalae (Patron Warrior)
  • Thijs (Oil Rogue) vs. Zalae (Patron Warrior)
  • RDU (Aggro Pally) vs. Zalae (Patron Warrior)
  • RDU (Aggro Pally) vs. Zalae (Ramp Druid)

Team Value Town def. Cloud 9 (6-3):

  • Kibler (MidRange Mech Shaman) vs. Kolento (Patron Warrior)
  • Dog (Freeze Mage) vs. Strifecro (Midrange Paladin)
  • Trump (Handlock) vs. Kolento (Patron Warrior)
  • Dog (Freeze Mage) vs. Kolento (Oil Rogue)
  • Dog (Oil Rogue) vs. Ek0p (Warlock Zoo)
  • Trump (Patron Warrior) vs. Ek0p (Midrange Hunter)
  • Trump (Patron Warrior) vs. Kolento (Oil Rogue)
  • Kibler (Hybrid Hunter) vs Strifecro (Freeze Mage)
  • Dog (Oil Rogue) vs Strifecro (Freeze Mage)

Forsen Boys def. Tempo Storm (6-4):

  • Chakki (Aggro Paladin) vs Hyped (Control Warrior)
  • Forsen (Warlock Zoo) vs. Eloise (Ramp Druid)
  • Forsen (Freeze Mage) vs. Eloise (Ramp Druid)
  • Ostkaka (Patron Warrior) vs. Gaara (Deathlord Hunter)
  • Chakki (Midrange Hunter) vs. Gaara (Deathlord Hunter)
  • Ostkaka (Ramp Druid) vs. Hyped (Oil Rogue)
  • Ostkaka (Ramp Druid) vs. Gaara (Midrange Paladin)
  • Ostkaka (Ramp Druid) vs. Eloise (Warlock Zoo)
  • Ostkaka (Ramp Druid) vs. Gaara (Deathlord Hunter)
  • Ostkaka (Ramp Druid) vs. Eloise (Ramp Druid)

Team Liquid def. Team Celestial (6-3):

  • Savjz (Warlock Zoo) vs. Silentstorm (Warlock Zoo)
  • Sjow (Midrange Hunter) vs. Tiddler (Patron Warrior)
  • Neirea (Freeze Mage) vs. FrozenIce (Hybrid Hunter)
  • Neirea (Oil Rogue) vs. FrozenIce (Hybrid Hunter)
  • Savjz (Warlock Zoo) vs. Silentstorm (Midrange Shaman)
  • Savjz (Ramp Druid) vs. Tiddler (Ramp Druid)
  • Sjow (Patron Warrior) vs. Tiddler (Patron Warrior)
  • Savjz (Warlock Zoo) vs. FrozenIce (Hybrid Hunter)
  • Savjz (Warlock Zoo) vs. Tiddler (Patron Warrior)


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