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Deck of the Week: Aggro Paladin

by - 9 years ago

The meta has been getting stale with Grim Patron Warrior, Handlock (or Malygos Warlock), and Hybrid Hunter leading the charge on the ladder. With slower decks leading the meta, it’s time for aggro to start making a bit of a comeback and Aggro Paladin is starting to see some success. Now Paladin isn’t really the best deck for aggro so don’t be surprised if you get some success with this deck for a week and then have it fall in favor to something better – but why not play something different?

This particular deck was created by JayMarsh96 and was show off on the CompetitiveHS subreddit. He was able to reach rank 1 with this deck.

Deck List

Aggro Paladin
Class: Paladin

Paladin (16)

Neutral (14)


If you go first it’s best to try and hard mulligan for your 1 drops. If you have the coin it’s best to mulligan for your good 2 drops and then try and get a good curve. I personally am a big fan of a first turn coin + knife juggler.


This isn’t a face aggro deck. This is all about keeping board control early while constantly applying pressure to get the early win. Drop that King Mukla 3rd turn (or 2nd with a coin) – make good trades that leave your board more full than theirs. Use Divine Favor to try and get the maximum amount you can and save your Ironbeak Owl’s for taunt targets that can help you finish out the game for victory.

JR Cook

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