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TiddlerCelestial beats Dog, conquers Dreamhack Summer

by - 8 years ago

After three hard days of cardplay in Sweden, the dust has finally settled over the Dreamhack Summer 2015 Hearthstone Grand Prix. After it was all said and done, TiddlerCelestial stood tall over all competition. It should come as no surprise though, Tiddler has long been one of the strongest players in the Pro Hearthstone Scene, and was considered one of the favorites to take this massive 128-player tournament. The Owner and Captain of Team Celestial compiled a very impressive 9-1 record during the weekend and took out great players such as Amaz, Ostkaka, and Dog on his way to his first Major Tournament win.


The victory at Dreamhack should skyrocket Tiddler to first place in the Chinese Region World Championship qualifiers, and this would make Team Celestial the strongest team on those standings. Along with Tiddler’s #1 rank in China, SilentStorm holds #1 on NA, and FrozenIce is #2 in Taiwan.

But TiddlerCelestial is rising in more than one ranking, the victory at Dreamhack Summer makes him number one in the list of most prize money won in tournaments. It also makes him not only #1 in Gosugamers’ ranking system, but also the player with the all-time highest Gosugamers rating. Tiddler is currently tearing through the scene, having now won 11 out of his last 12 series. If he can keep his hot streak going, he should be one of the favorites not only to qualify to Blizzcon, but to take it all.

After his 2nd place finish on last year’s World Championship, Tiddler really wants to show everyone that he’s still one of the best. He’s definitely doing a great job there, so our congratulations go out to TiddlerCelestial for a well deserved major tournament victory.

You can check out video of the Finals and all other featured matches over at Dreamhack’s YouTube account.





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