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Bonus Deck: TidesofTime’s Lumber Mill Druid

by - 6 years ago

On Friday we give you the Deck of the Week, but sometimes we just cannot wait that long to show you something cool. This is Bonus Deck, where we try to surprise you with cool decks that might just change the way you perceive this game.

Mill Druid has been out for a while, but despite being a different and fun option. It hasn’t seemed to catch on in the competitive scene. Perhaps Mill Druid isn’t meant to become a staple of the competitive meta, but at least recently a player decided to experiment with it.  TidesofTime decided to bring a version of Mill Druid to the Kinguin for Charity Easter edition and he ended up winning the whole thing. But TidesofTime’s deck wasn’t just the old Mill Druid, his version was powered up by some of the new Blackrock Mountain cards. Emperor Thaurissan and Volcanic Lumberer were two key cards that managed to give him an edge over his fellow competitors.


Tides managed to topple DTwo, Forsen, Gaara, and Chakki during the Kinguin Easter Tournament, but does this deck have a future? Was it a solid strong option or was this just a curve ball that managed to catch everyone else off guard?

Hopefully we will see more decks like this in the future, variety is always welcome in Hearthstone.

This deck mainly looks to stall out the game but you can pull off a huge tempo swings with innervate-powered board clears into a Volcanic Lumberer. The deck does run double combo so you could potentially rush down your opponent, but you are mainly going to want to use them as clears and take the games into fatigue.

Take a look at Tides’ decklist below.

TidesOfTime’s Mill Druid (Kinguin Easter)

Class: Druid

Druid (24)

Neutral (6)

For some actual gameplay footage check out this VoD from the Finals where Tides’ Druid tackles away Chakki’s Priest.

And you can check the full Official Kinguin for Charity Tournament Playlist to track down all of Tides’ games.

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0 responses to “Bonus Deck: TidesofTime’s Lumber Mill Druid”

  1. Hlw says:

    Good to see Mill Druid in competitive play!

  2. MightyGorgon says:

    I can’t understand why there aren’t Sea Giants in the deck instead of the Volcanic Lumberers, they are always a better choice imo (the reason must be the lack of taunts in the deck)…

    Anyway, nice deck, interesting to see some combo-oriented mill Druid rather than the other one with Tree of Life!