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Deck of the Week: Savjz Eboladin

by - 7 years ago

Is aggro more of your style of play than control? Getting sick of Face Hunter or Warlock Zoo and want a little bit of a different taste? Well, Savjz’s Eboladin might be the deck for you.

This deck is centered around Hobgoblin and turning your lowly 1 attack creatures in 3 attack creatures. The deck is also built to get you a ton of card draw, especially if you’re playing against control decks by using Divine Favor and Jeeves. If you have the right card draw you can easily play your hand out with some strong creatures and quickly replenish for the next turn.

Here is the full deck list:

Class: Paladin

Paladin (8)

Neutral (22)

Since Hobgoblin is so essential for this deck, you will want to try and mulligan heavily for him. You also want to try and protect the minion as much as you possibly can. It’s not a great idea to drop him turn 3 and drop a wisp if all that’s going to happen is your hobgoblin will die next turn. It’s better to wait a turn and try and get some extra value with him so you can overwhelm your opponent.

King Mukla is great at giving your opponent some extra cards so you can use Divine Favor with it. He’s also just a great beefy early play if needed. Earlier decklists had Stonetusk Boar instead of King Mukla, so if you don’t have this legendary that is what you might consider replacing it with.

This deck has won not only in legendary ranks but also in a tournament setting as seen by the VOD below. However, don’t be fooled by this deck and think it is easy to play. It will require some significant practice to get good with this deck and is clearly not an automatic win. Don’t expect to just pick it up and do well with it without getting the feel for the deck first.

All said though, I find this deck to be really fun to play and so far, not a lot of people seem to be expecting it. Because of it’s difficulty to play, I don’t think we’ll see it too much in the meta for ranks 5+.

To see how the deck played out in a recent tournament check out the video below:

JR Cook

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