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Vigilante Justice: Will We See the Cowboy at PAX East?

by - 7 years ago

The Overwatch PR team has another twitter teaser today. this time in the form of an opinion about vigilante justice.

So where should we start with this little bit of information? First off, the scene pictured in the main article takes place in Japan outside in the street in front of a noodle joint. The scene described is after a botched robbery attempt at the ramen shop that was interrupted by a vigilante that is described as being a self appointed sheriff. The other important bit of information is the name of the author, Joel Morricone. Joel in this case is a guest blogger that is advocating this vigilante that looks like a sheriff.

Well, guess what? Joel is supposedly the name of the Cowboy seen in a lot of the promo art for Overwatch, would anyone be surprised if he is the author of the article calling out vigilante justice that he probably did himself? Not to mention some of the words in the article tip off that the cowboy is who we will see – “gunsmoke”, “anachronistic fashion sense”, “self-appointed sheriff”, the entire scene he unfolds reeks of the wild west.

Johnny Wang


His last name also gives us a hint being Morricone. It’s an interesting last name and one that many people who are fans of western’s would recognize. Ever heard of Ennio Morricone? If not, I can guarantee you have heard one of the most popular tunes ever in a western movie as the composer of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” theme:

We don’t know a lot about Joel the Cowboy but I’m guessing we’ll learn more. Based on the pictures we’ve seen from him, and this tweeted article – it appears as if he might be from Japan and is obviously into westerns from the USA. The other bits of information we can pull from this is a Deadlock Biker Club National Rally, which I wouldn’t be surprised if our cowboy hero here rides a harley (is anyone else getting a Wolverine vibe here?). The dates like all of the teasers point to March 6-8 which is the same dates as PAX East.

There are a couple other images, the great vacation one and Zenyatta images in Detroit might lead to other things, but as of right now I can’t pinpoint what they would be referring to.

So with that said, I think this points to 1 new map, a weight lifter hero from Russia, and a Cowboy hero from Japan getting announced at PAX East on Friday.

You can watch the livestream of the announcement at 10:30 PM EST at http://twitch.tv/pax2

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