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A Wonderful World of Hearthstonecraft #11

by - 7 years ago

In this column, we like to feature a very different side of Hearthstone and the Hearthstone player community. We search the web for user created content inspired by Hearthstone, and share it with you whenever we can.

Not your typical arts and crafts project, but Nailed It With Glitter shows off a perfect Hearthstone nail creation complete with glittery arcane dust. Ready for the BlizzCon red carpet?


Our other highlight for today is a cardback design for the Kirin Tor/Dalaran by atomicgumball. I would actually love to see this cardback realized in the game. An idea for a fan contest maybe, Blizzard?


Special thanks to Aranya Ver’Sarn for finding these. She’s definitely someone you’d want to follow on Twitter if you have a passion for Blizzard games.


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