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DECK OF THE WEEK #12: Miracle Rogue

by - 7 years ago

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 Every Friday legendary players from Don’t Kick My Robot share with you the “Deck of the Week”. These decks are seeing a lot of play either in constructed ladder or tournaments. Team DKMR explain the deck lists and how to play them. Make sure you check out Don’t Kick My Robot if you want to become a better player or check out their premium services if you would like them to do a 1 on 1 coaching session with you to help you better your game.

[DKMR]Hexar here from team Don’t Kick My Robot to bring you this week’s Deck of the Week; Miracle Rogue with Leeroy Combo. We know Rogue seems to be popping up everywhere but we’ve had multiple requests for this deck so we felt like this was a good choice especially with the ladder climb starting back up. A miracle deck works by gathering up pieces of your deck in an effort to try to combo kill someone in one turn. There are a couple different variants, but we feel this one is strong in the current Metagame because it allows you to combo quicker than most other decks.

DKMR_DOTW_miracle_rogue-22x Backstab – This 0 casting cost removal spell helps clear the board as well as having great synergy with SI:7 Agents or a Goblin Auctioneer.

2x Preparation – This card lets you power out large spells quickly as well as makes card draw very efficient with your auctioneer. This is also a great combo enabler.

2x Shadowstep – Part of the Leeroy combo plan. It lets you double your damage at half the mana cost. You can also use this to protect your creatures or re-use battlecries.

2x Cold Blood – Another card that lets you deal lots of damage to close a game out. Don’t be afraid to use it on any of your minions even though it helps with the Leeroy combo.

2x Conceal – This card is great to protect your important minions such as a big Edwin VanCleef or a Gadgetzan Auctioneer for the following turn. Watch out for AoE though!

2x Deadly Poison – A very quick and efficient way to power up your dagger to increase damage output or kill tougher minions.

2x Blade Flurry – This card can clear out a lot of minions very quickly, however it doesn’t excel against single big threats. Be sure to use with Deadly Poison or Spellpower for higher damage.

2x Eviscerate – A premium removal spell for Rogues. You can kill pesky minions early on or combo it later on to take out much tougher foes. Also can be used as a great finisher for direct damage.

2x Sap – This card helps you get around taunts as well as slow down your opponent so you have longer to gather your combo pieces.

1x Shiv – A damage spell that draws you a card is perfect for this deck. Be sure to look for combos with this and don’t be afraid to use it right away if you need the draw.

1x Bloodmage Thalnos – This guy is like a Shiv but as a creature, except he gives us spell damage! He does pretty much everything this deck wants to do; draw, damage, and combo!

1x Loot Hoarder – This guy is our less impressive Thalnos who traded in his spellpower for an extra point of damage. His main purpose is to get on the field early and make the opponent deal with him while you draw an extra card.

1x Fan of Knives – This card really helps against decks with lots of aggressive creatures. It’s not ideal when dealing with bigcreatures so don’t be afraid to use it just to draw.

1x Edwin VanCleef – There’s a lot of debate on this card and we’re on the side that think he’s awesome. He’s a big threat that your opponent normally has to deal with right away or they lose. Just be careful of making him too big, he’s often best served as an early 6/6.

2x SI:7 Agent – This is one of the best creatures in the game for his mana cost. The ability to be a 3/3 as well as kill an opposing creature (or direct damage to your opponent) making this card very valuable. Start the pressure early and you’ll make Leeroy’s job a whole lot easier.

1x Leeroy Jenkins – The main combo-piece of the deck! Leeroy is a classic card in blizzard history and this deck takes full advantage of him. Hitting for 6 damage the turn he comes into play for only 4 mana is sweet and with Cold Bloods and Shadowsteps, Leeroy ends games quickly.

2x Azure Drake – A 4/4 creature that draws you a card and gives you spell damage is fantastic and in this deck. This card is one of the main ways you can win if the Leeroy plan falls through (taking advantage of addtional magic damage).

2x Goblin Auctioneer – One of the core cards required for this deck. He draws you so many cards and lets you assemble the combo so much easier. Don’t be afraid to use a shadowstep on him or conceal whenever possible.


If you think you’re against an aggressive deck, try to mulligan for some early removal or a SI:7 Agent when possible. This really helps your early game and lets you get into the midgame without too much trouble. Against the slower more controlling decks, you really really really want Auctioneer. If you can stick an early auctioneer and protect him, you will be able to draw too many cards for your opponent to handle.

The Coin

The coin plays somewhat of a different role on miracle rogue. You may need it to power out early cards like SI:7 agent or a removal spell, but you often want to save it for Goblin Auctioneer. Being able to accelerate your mana and draw a card on turn 5 with the coin is a very strong play. Especially if you have a conceal to follow up.

The Gameplan

The gameplan with this deck is trying to apply enough pressure and survive early game in order to win the game with one big burst of damage. With combos on turn 10 such as Leeroy->Shadowstep->Leeroy->Shadowstep->Leeroy->Cold blood->Cold blood you are able to deal 26 damage and that’s not including your weapon, creatures, or preparation. Using Goblin Auctioneers and cheap spells, you are able to draw most of your cards

Alternate Card Choices

Earthen Ring Farseer – This guy is used in some versions when a more aggressive Metagame is expected. However with Unleash the Hounds nerfs on the horizon, we expect a slow in the Meta.

Headcrack – This card can be very useful against some control decks. It makes the warrior matchup especially a little easier and combos nicely with spellpower or auctioneer.

Second Fan of Knives – This card can easily be changed if you feel you need it. We are currently playing a split as we feel that sometimes the card draw and keeping your weapon is better than a potentially more potent AoE. This is not an easy deck to learn, take your time with it and play it a lot!

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Guide written by [DKMR]Hexar
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0 responses to “DECK OF THE WEEK #12: Miracle Rogue”

  1. trilips says:

    I really want to try this deck out, how important is van cleef? What should i substitute? He is the only card i am missing.

    • Stolen Prayers says:

      While I can’t speak for the author I have seen Questing Adventurer subbed for van Cleef with good success, particularly in builds like this which have 2 Conceals.

  2. Codean38 says:

    I wish I could use 31 cards too….

  3. Codean38 says:

    1 Shiv… I see it now, just have it listed wrong in text.

  4. Anthony says:

    What are your thoughts on subbing one drake for an assassin’s blade?

  5. #KeepFightingMSC says:

    There’s a mistake in the link to hearthstats.net 😉 just letting you know.
    If the links are without http:// in the beginning browser thinks that it’s a sub-folder after this path. (in this case: http://hearthstone.blizzpro.com/2014/05/09/deck-of-the-week-12-miracle-rogue/)

  6. JR_SlangStrong says:

    I started tinkering with this deck this weekend, and I have to say it’s INCREDIBLY fun to play. It does take some skill to string your combos together in the most efficient manner possible, but when you do… wow. I believe I substituted for Questing Adventurer, to me it almost seems like a no brainer for this deck.