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Specifics on Card Acquisition in Curse of Naxxramas

by - 7 years ago

As we count down the weeks to the Summer 2014 release of Hearthstone’s first adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, we will begin to encounter juicy details concerning this content, similar to the new card revealed earlier this week. Our initial interview with Game Director Eric Dodds and Production Director Jason Chayes left us with a general idea of what to expect once we get our hands on Adventure Mode. However, other syndicates are now obtaining interviews with the developers and as work on Curse of Naxxramas continues, these architects are willing to be a bit more forthcoming about what is that they’re building for us.

Cam Shea, a Senior Editor at IGN Australia, conducted an interview with Dodds and Executive Producer Hamilton Chu, which ended up revealing the exact specifics of how we will obtain all 30 of the new cards introduced in Curse of Naxxramas.

“It’s 15 bosses,” [Eric Dodds] confirms, “and then there are nine additional class challenges, and then there’s the few additional legendaries [for beating each wing]… So when you beat the final boss you get a card and then a legendary for clearing that wing.”

So that would mean the thirty cards are earned as follows: fifteen for beating each boss, five (legendaries) for beating each wing, nine for beating each of the class challenges, then one final legendary for beating the (and this hasn’t been confirmed just yet) final boss after the fifth wing is complete.

You read that correctly. This means that, upon completion of the final wing (assuming you successfully complete all nine class-specific challenges before you complete the final wing), you will have unlocked all 30 cards guaranteed. There is no randomness in the acquisition of the 30 new cards. This should come as a relief to players who often find themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to dealing with Hearthstone’s RNG (random number generation or, basically, getting lucky).

Shea goes on to further discuss something we here at BlizzPro actually had concerns about ourselves – replayability in Curse of Naxxramas. Now that we know that the end of the adventure equals the acquisition of all cards, how will the developers get people to return to the wings? We conjectured on one of the podcasts that this could be a “golden” opportunity for the developers to allow Golden versions of the cards to be “farmed” or earned through repeated trips into the wings of Naxxramas. At this point, though, we have no concrete details concerning replayability, nor on the price of the subsequent wings. (We still do know that the first wing will be free.)

The rest of Shea’s piece can be found here.

How does this news impact your feelings towards Curse of Naxxramas? Are you happy you won’t have to cross your fingers and make sacrifices at the Altar of RNGesus to earn all of your new cards or do you long for a grindy path to obtaining your rewards? Sound off below and let me know what you think!

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

0 responses to “Specifics on Card Acquisition in Curse of Naxxramas”

  1. Matheus Mafra says:

    That’s amazing! no RNG! all the cards! yesss!
    Now let’s hope the price for the wings are not very high… Maybe the same price as a entry on arena? That would be perfect.

  2. Joel Little says:

    So.. everyone’s gonna have legendaries? I assume, since these cards are one time rewards, you can’t just disenchant the new legendaries and get a ton of mana dust. But what about golden versions of the legendaries? Will they be crafted only?

    • Rongar says:

      They haven’t specifically pointed it out, but I would assume they are treated like reward cards (e.g. golden Gelbin Mekkatorque) that cannot be disenchanted once unlocked.

    • Kevin Jones says:

      It’s not free. So no, not everyone. Or not the same usual amount of people who for some reason can’t “afford” legendaries.

      • Joel Little says:

        You’re right, it isn’t free, but you can buy it with in-game gold, and I doubt Blizz will make the wings cost a ton of gold.

  3. gbu_reaper says:

    I think the whole event should be free and based on completion. I.e., barred from following wings until you complete the first one. Imo, they could also add a card for completing all wings with all classes.