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The Many Faces of Trump – A Seatstory Cup Story

by - 9 years ago

Seatstory Cup took place this past weekend and if you didn’t get a chance to check it out while it was going down, you missed out on a very chill casting atmosphere and a very intense tournament atmosphere. As per usual with Dennis and TakeTV’s tournaments, the participants themselves were casting the games. Gnimsh and EKOP were by far my favorite casting duo because they pretty much disagreed with each other on everything until Gnimsh eventually gave in to EKOP. You could tell they were having fun with it while still delivering high caliber analysis of the games.

The overall winner was StrifeCro, netting $8,000 for himself after defeating Gnimsh in the finals; the latter would walk away with $4,000. Trump rounded out the top three, claiming $2,000 for his efforts. For a full recap of how the original eight players moved through their games, check out Liquipedia’s entry for the tournament here. I also have a link to every single deck that was used at the tournament here. Lastly, if you want to catch the actual Grand Finals, there is a VOD here. Fast forward to about 8:46:20 to queue up the right spot.

All of that said, my favorite moment of the entire tournament, from the games that I watched, was when Trump pulled out his secret deck to counter Artosis’ Murloc Warlock deck. We saw unleashed the most fearsome Hungry Crab known to man. It was a beautiful thing. And with that in mind, I present to you this compilation video of Trump reacting to things because that man is clearly out of his mind to dream up such a crazy constructed deck and this may explain why:

JR Cook

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