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Tournament Watch: Seatstory Cup #1

by - 10 years ago

It would seem as if Germany is setting itself up to be the capital of competitive Hearthstone play if we’re to make anything of, first, ESGN locating its studios and infamous Fight Night series smack dab in the middle of Berlin and, now, yet another illustrious tournament bubbling to the surface. This, however, may be one you were already somewhat familiar with, if you previously followed Blizzard e-Sports.

Based out of Krefeld, TakeTV – most popularly known for their Homestory Cup series of tournaments in the Starcraft II universe – has endeavored a noble ambition: the first Crossover Tournament that they have ever hosted and that the Hearthstone scene has ever seen. How exactly this will work and how the two tournaments (Hearthstone and Starcraft II) will interact with one another is currently a mystery, as partially revealed by the TakeTV crew in their release for Seatstory Cup #1. As far as Hearthstone is concerned, however, there will be eight competitors:

Seatstory Cup #1 Players


These masters of the game will be fighting for a prize pool totaling $15,000 thanks in part to lead sponsor, NEEDforSEAT (and now, perhaps, you understand the title of the tournament). The rules of this tournament are different from ones we have seen in the past, as both double elimination and best of seven series will be employed. There is also an even more interesting kicker – each player is allowed one secret deck that can only be used by them once during the entire tournament! TakeTV teases in their write-up that something big will be revealed on the very first day of this tournament that is sure to shake things up further, so, on March 7th and through to March 9th, make sure to clear your schedule for what ought to be an exciting entry into the ever burgeoning Hearthstone competitive scene. If the past Homestory Cups are anything to go on, we are all in for a treat in the production, casting, and entertainment that will ensue.

For the full press release, click here.


JR Cook

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  1. ZenStyle says:

    Joke tournament, no Shoctologist, gg, no rm.

  2. OJworshiper says:

    Kripparian. Now

    • Stephen Stewart says:

      Hahaha, give Kripp! I’m a big fan of his, too. It is curious to see him missing here when he said he was planning to spend more time in Europe after this past weekend’s ESGN filming, but maybe he’s coming back to NA after this coming weekend, so he won’t be over there for that weekend.

  3. Eldorian says:

    No Don’t Kick My Robot 🙁