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New Blizzard Monetization Team Forms

by - 11 years ago

A post on Gamespot turned up yesterday highlighting Blizzard’s two new employment positions for a “strategic initiatives” team focusing on monetization (and presumably microtransaction) business.

The team, which job listings specify as seeking “to define and evolve monetization strategies for [Blizzard’s] games,” is looking for individuals to fill both director and manager positions.

From the wording of the job listings, it appears that the new team will focus its efforts on more than one (if not all) current Blizzard franchises.

Blizzard has typically been at the forefront of microtransaction models with its current games, such as Diablo III’s real money auction house (“RMAH”), purchasable Hearthstone card decks, and the World of Warcraft in-game pet, mount, and cosmetic store. With the closing of Diablo III’s RMAH and the heightening controversy behind WoW’s growing microtransaction offerings, it’s interesting to see a dedicated team developing to address the future of Blizzard’s monetization models.

One could wonder if this means something is in the works to replace Diablo III’s previous “microtransaction” model and if things are in the works further the services and items available through WoW’s in-game store. And, of course, we still have Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm on the horizon.

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