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Current Meta Analysis: Aggro Decks

by - 10 years ago

There are really 3 deck archetypes in Hearthstone in my opinion. Those would consist of Aggro, Control, and Combo. Now you can have mixtures of these – such as Aggro-Control or Control-Combo (the ice mages would have fallen under this) and we’re starting to see some of these decks become popular in the current meta.

After the ice mage nerf aggro sped up and now you’re starting to see some mid-range decks and even some combo decks become popular in ranked constructed play. Today I want to focus on the current aggro decks and then later this week I will create one for the control decks and another for the combo decks.

Now keep in mind, this is based on the current meta game as of Dec. 27, 2013 – the meta is constantly shifting and while these decks might be good today, they may not be good in the meta tomorrow or next week. However, they should still be a good foundation for if you want to build your own aggro deck.

I’m not going to go into super detail strategy with these decks because really, the whole point of aggro is to hit your opponent in the face as fast as possible to burn them down.

Warlock Super Aggro

This deck was really popular right out of the gate from the ice mage nerfs. Aggro could speed up and crush your opponent quickly. This deck is weak against Druid Midrange (taunt heavy) and Healing decks.

Super Aggro

Class: Warlock

Cards sorted by Low Cost

Neutral (16)

Warlock (14)



This is the new aggro craze and quite possibly the best aggro deck to play right now to get up from rank 25 through about rank 10 or so. You’re either going to win fast or lose fast and thus get through the rankings as fast as you can. The deck is all about loading the board as quickly as possible with buffed murlocs and with a God Hand you can win in 4-5 turns.


Class: Warlock

Cards sorted by Low Cost

Neutral (22)

Warlock (8)

Mage Aggro


This is different than Moon’s Mage Aggro deck of old. Since the Shattered Sun Cleric and Argent Commander nerfs those cards aren’t as good as they used t be. However, this deck is all about beating your opponent down as fast as possible, popping some ice blocks to save you a couple turns and then finish them off with a pyroblast (the most annoying win card in the game). This deck was made popular by D1rtydeeds on Reddit.

Aggro Mage

Class: Mage

Cards sorted by Low Cost

Mage (19)

Neutral (11)

Turn 7 Hunter


This deck is more of an Aggro-control deck. Against aggro, you want to control the board. Against anything else you want to aggro out. This is probably the weakest deck listed here but also probably the most fun to play. Unless you get really lucky you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose to druid midrange. This is also the deck you will probably see the least in ranked mode. It was made popular by the_ark on Reddit.

Turn 7 Hunter

Class: Hunter

Cards sorted by Low Cost

Neutral (18)

Hunter (12)

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