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Warlords of Draenor Open Q&A: What We Learned

by - 10 years ago

The Open Q&A panel is always a little bit of a mixed back in what you’re going to get. Sometimes you get lots of interesting stuff, other times not so much. There wasn’t a whole deal of reveals other than Grommash Hellscream being announced as the final boss of Warlords of Draenor.

Open Q&A

  • Garrisons feature on table is a possibility but not being worked on
  • Co-op gameplay plans for Garrisons
  • Full 40-man raid can go to one person’s Garrison
  • Dark Iron Dwarves will have a role in Warlords of Draenor
  • Final boss of Warlords is Grommash Hellscream
  • No plans to update content like Twilight Highlands where Garrosh is leading Horde forces, Blizzard wants people to be able to play through the timeline
  • Pet Battles as a base is fine, collection aspect will be expanded in Warlords such as more pets and trainers
  • Pet Stable in Garrison will have unique trainers, possibly epic pet battles, still working it out
  • More customisation possible in the future
  • Wrathion will probably just be a cameo this expansion
  • Smart heals probably out of hand, might become less-smart so players are still making intelligent decisions
  • Understand with difficulties for 10man guilds, they believe long term will be better for high end raiding design
  • No plans to change hunter AoE, specifically volley
  • Forged gear not planned for removal
  • Legendary questline will re-appear, but also probably more traditional legendaries
  • Still thinking about how to make alts work with garrisons
  • Some Titan lore in Warlords but not much
  • Itemization simplification “Mr Robot should not have to approve your items”
  • Will be some changes to racials that had hit and expertise bonuses since they won’t have any effect any more
  • Expect 4-5 healers in Mythic raids
  • Mythic raids will attempt to utilize things like Enslave Demon because they can assume you have all classes.
  • Dynamic events in old world would be great idea but very resource intensive and focus is on Warlords
  • Bonus rolls will continue in Warlords but not sure yet how to acquire them
  • Rolling in LFR doesn’t hurt chances for bonus roll in Heroic
  • No plans to ever do vanilla/early expansion servers
  • Not locked in on how exactly tertiary and secondary stats will work for separate roles
  • Min maxers will probably want a second set with the specific stats they are chasing
  • People currently working on bringing old Warcraft games to be able to play again
  • Draenor will be accessed through Dark Portal, not sure how to get to Outland but there will be a way
  • Mythic raid lockouts will not be loot based
  • Sensitive to separate lockouts possibly meaning people feel the need to run same content over and over
  • Bringing back Eyes of the Beast is on the radar, but would be a big thing
  • Mythic content is going to be worth the growing pains for 10 man guilds that want to raid top level

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