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New Versus Maps Incoming for Season 4

by - 10 months ago

New StarCraft 2 maps are incoming as season 3 ends. While some existing maps are being cycled out, you can test out the new ones under the Custom tab and get ready for season 4 action.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post)


Stasis LE

On this abandoned wing of the Purifier starship, you find yourself in close quarters with your enemy. Thanks to the watchtowers, gold bases, and a hidden path to the main bases, there is plenty to fight for from start to finish.

Automaton LE

This map features main bases that are relatively close together by air, but the expansions are less vulnerable to harassment.

Kairos Junction LE

Be ready when push comes to shove, because the rush distance on this map is very short. There are also alternate paths and no watchtowers to assist in scouting.

Port Aleksander LE

This is a large macro map, and it has a long rush distance between the main bases.  The main start locations are vulnerable to air attacks if the enemy sneaks along the edges of the map.


Emerald City LE

Emerald City is a large macro map. Two players should defend the single wide entrance. Natural expansions have two chokepoints, splitting rush paths and expansion patterns. Gold bases can be taken as third expansions for aggressive plays.


Whitewater Line LE

Each team has a single main base, followed by a single natural expansion with a ramp to defend it. Pathways and expansions are similar to those in traditional 1v1 maps, and a Xel’naga tower is in each corner.


Multiprocessor LE

Two pairs of allies spawn together with their main bases connected by a backdoor path they can both use to reinforce each other. Both bases open into a shared defensive area with two chokepoints. Two potential third bases are located nearby, while additional expansions require moving towards the edges of the map.

Your final list for Season 4, 2018 will be:

  • Blueshift LE
  • Para Site LE
  • Cerulean Fall LE
  • Kairos Junction LE
  • Automaton LE
  • Port Aleksander LE
  • Stasis LE

The Season 4 maps are now available for testing under the Custom tab, so jump in and start practicing strategies before the new season begins on November 20. GLHF!

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