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StarCraft II: What’s Next

by - 10 months ago

BlizzCon 2017 Starcraft 2 SC2 Default Banner

We had a full panel with a varied set of back grounds.

They had a big year celebrating 20 years of StarCraft and 8 years of StarCraft II. Many big events happened and lots of new elements were added to the game.

Still working on Co-Op leaderboards. They are also still working on in game video streaming to watch matches from in game.

They are working on WARCHEST 4. This one will focus on rewarding new building skins. They are also adding a new feature were you can unlock these items through watching StarCraft II streams on Twitch

Terran Special forces


Protoss Forged


Simulant Zerg


New Commander



Key points

controllable on the map

small elite army

Later it was added that he would control elite unites with Xel’Naga enhancements.


During Co-Op missions Zeratul can search for Prophecy fragments that can augment his units and himself. They will spawn in certain areas but not in the middle of an enemy base.

Top-Bar Abilities. You will have the ability to pick and choose as you get more fragments.

This leads to two Avatar forms.


They have a new design patch coming up.

They wanted to bring up end game units that were lagging but keep their play different.


Long term they have some goals.

Deep Mind has been working with Blizzard to use StarCraft as a tool to build AI.

StarCraft II offer so many more options to build AI.

They had to start with mini games to teach the AI the basics of the game.

The Agents are making great progress from the simple games to playing against other agents. They have gone from simple exploitable behavior to more Human like gameplay. While they are still not scouting the map as effectively yet, overall the AI gamplay has evolved and is getting closer to a stage where they might start testing against Human opponents. Nothing to announce time wise yet. Blizzard will be notified as soon as this stage is ready.

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