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Snuggles Control Priest Deck

by - 5 years ago

Are you a new Hearthstone player? Are you a pro? Do you fall in the middle somewhere? This is the show that appeals to you as a player regardless of skill level. A partnership between Twizz and Studder has been established to bring you a show of expert game play and coaching from one of the top players in the Hearthstone ladder. Decks and cards are broken down and each play is thoroughly explained. So join Twizz and Studder every Monday night at 9:00CST to have some laughs, learn a lot and become a better player.

Episode 46: Snuggles Control Priest Deck

This week (once we get past a bumpy last minute intro) we have a fairly legendary heavy Priest control deck called “Snuggles”.  However a lot of them are swappable and the deck still remains solid.  If you’re into Heroes of the Storm be sure to check out the Heroes Power Hour on Tuesday nights as well!  We hope you enjoy!

Deck List

Control Priest – Snuggles

Class: Priest

Priest (20)

Neutral (10)

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

6 responses to “Snuggles Control Priest Deck”

  1. Azazul says:

    Thanks for the video, very interesting. Was wondering with what cards to replace Geddon and Rag? Thx!

    • Twizz says:

      I try to replace functionality with funcionality. Baron is good for the 2 damage AOE at the end of the turn. Rag just destroys threats and can do hero damage. My question is this: What other big body legendaries do you have? Gruul could work, Cairne, Sneed, Foereaper 4000 etc. If you don’t have any of those I’d maybe add a big body like the GvG 7/7 tank. It’s a 7 cost and it’s a common card so it’s easy to craft. Again, Baron and Rags are just big bodied threats. Try to stay along those lines. Stay away from something like Thalnos or Lorewalker Cho. They have a purpose, but they aren’t good replacements in this deck. If you have any other questions feel free to hit me up! Podcast@BlizzPro.com

  2. Travis Mountain says:

    Hi guys! Whenever I click download it DLs the control priest deck from episode 37. Same thing on itunes, it looks like the old episode got uploaded. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

  3. Richard Riddick says:

    Why on the video another deck? wtf?