sOs beats Jaedong to win StarCraft Global Finals

by Marc Huber on


sOs was crowned the winner of the StarCraft WCS finals at BlizzCon today, defeating the higher-ranked Jaedong.

Jaedong, ranked 3rdin the world, was favorite to win it all, entering the final day on a hot streak of wins. In the finale, he faced sOs, the 12th ranked player in the world. sOs, who had struggled earlier in the year, came on stong. With masterful Protoss play, he bested Jaedong to claim victory.

A packed room for the WCS finals.

A packed room for the WCS finals.

sOs, who came in second in the first WCS competition, was finally able to claim the trophy at BlizzCon 2013. He had a very strong performance in the championship, leaving little doubt of his eventual victory from start to finish. Congratulations, sOs!