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New Hearthstone Fireside Duel Pits Druid Against Rogue

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Hearthstone enthusiasts, rejoice! Blizzard’s released another episode of their Hearthstone Fireside Duel series, this time pitting the spiritually serene Malfurion Stormrage against the villainous vixen Valeera Sanguinar in a duel to the death. Watch as Rogue and Druid duke it out below.

Before getting into class abilities, this contest showed off some minion cards that most are going to want to be familiar with. Big Game Hunter is going to be a great card to have two of because of its power and versatility. While the card can be played on turn three as a respectable 4/2, the true strength of the card is holding on to it in order to take out a massive creature, such as Ragnoros or Gruul. Hearthstone aficionados can expect to see a lot of the Big Game Hunter card in future duels.

Novice Engineer is another card we should expect to see a fair amount of. For two energy, the low level minion allows the owner to draw an additional card while also offering a 1/2 creature on the board. Novice Engineer likely won’t win games, but when trying to find some solid low energy options, she’s not a bad pickup at all. She’ll fit nicely in just about any deck.


Alarm-o-Bot’s an interesting card that will probably not be seen all the time, but when it is played, the card should set off alarms for the opposing player. It could mean nothing if the opponent has weak minions in his or her hand, but it could also mean a behemoth card such as Ragnoros or Gruul coming out on turn four. Veteran advice? Try and burn it the turn it goes down. Sure, it won’t do much on its own, but if it does succeed in unleashing a monstrous minion on turn four, you’ll be in for an uphill battle, if not an outright loss.

The duel showed off the versatile nature of the Druid. While a lot of the Rogue cards are geared towards specifically clearing the board of minions, the Druid cards had some nice options, on top of some high damage spell cards. Wrath in particular is a very strong card at two energy. The ability to choose from three damage or one damage and an extra card in your hand makes the spell outstanding in most situations. That’s not to say that the Rogue does not have interesting mechanics. They simply require a bit of setup, and can potentially be far less effective than raw damage or card draw. It just depends on the circumstance.

All in all, it was another solid showing for Hearthstone. The Ogrimmar themed board looked great and designer Ben Brode did a top notch job casting the duel. If you want to learn more, pop on over to the Hearthstone blog.

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