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Year of the Phoenix: Legendary and Epic Crafting Guides (17.0.2)

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Last updated: May 6th, 2020 – Patch 17.0.2

(Note: You may skip this section if you already read it in the another of the Year of the Phoenix crafting guides)

All new expansions have them, shiny new Legendary and Epic cards, but trying to collect all the new toys can get expensive very fast. The question that haunts everybody who is on a budget is which ones are really worth crafting and which ones are just not worth the investment if you are on a budget. The question is even more pronounced in the new system in which we get fewer duplicates, which means we open more new cards, but have less dust lying around.

As Epics and Legendaries are the expensive ones, we will give you reasoning why those cards seem relevant and which decks they are played in. We will categorize them into format “staples”, “nice to have” cards, and “sleeper” cards.” Staples are core to the most powerful decks and cannot be replaced without serious harm to the composition. Nice to haves are good additions to a deck, but replaceable without hurting the deck too much. Sleeper cards are interesting ones that have not found a place but which might be relevant in the future, or have found a place that just needs a little more support from future sets to become relevant. With recent changes to packs, we will not cover Rare cards any more as acquiring them is very easy and duplicates are a thing of the past. Please remember that these guides are meant to be for Standard only.

Take all suggestions with a grain of salt, though, as the meta might shift or balance changes come up. We, hsdecktech and I, will update those guides as the Year of the Phoenix is evolves. For your reference, we will indicate the Patch the guide is based on. Below you will find the links to the guides for each set.


Links to individual guides:

Year of the Phoenix Crafting Guide Hub (includes Galakrond’s Awakening Evaluation – this article)

Ashes of Outland: Legendary Crafting Guide

Ashes of Outland: Epic Crafting Guide

Descent of Dragons: Legendary Crafting Guide

Descent of Dragons: Epic Crafting Guide

Saviors of Uldum: Legendary Crafting Guide (coming soon)

Saviors of Uldum: Epic Crafting Guide (coming soon)

Rise of Shadows: Legendary Crafting Guide (coming soon)

Rise of Shadows: Epic Crafting Guide (coming soon)

Classic/Initiate: Legendary Crafting Guide (coming soon)

Classic/Initiate: Epic Crafting Guide (coming soon)


Galakrond’s Awakening – Adventure Set

In the end, the Adventure Set “Galakrond’s Awakening should not go unmentioned. You might ask yourself if the set is worth the gold/money. While it lost a lot of value when Dragon Hunter shifted out of the metagame, and then yet more when Frenzied Felwing was nerfed, it is still a lot of bang for your buck. Most classes have at least one card that is a staple in a meta deck. Regarding the four Epics and four Legendaries, right now the Neutral Escaped Manasaber and Boompistol Bully are frequently played, with the latter being a nice to have card. For the Legendaries, only The Amazing Reno is an amazing card (pun intended). Sky Gen’ral Kragg was a thing in quest decks, but fell out of favor. Grand Lackey Erkh and Fist of Ra-den can be can be considered sleeper cards.



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