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All Demon Hunter’s Starting Cards Revealed

by - 2 years ago

There has been a lot to take in over the past week of Hearthstone updates, so you’ll be forgiven if you didn’t catch it or forgot, but the Demon Hunter class is coming to the game in two days (in the March 26th Patch), over a week ahead of the next expansion.

Correction: Initial Designer Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig has clarified the schedule in the coming days. Demon Hunter is not actually unlocked until April 7, 2020, when Ashes of Outland goes live. The prologue will be live April 2nd, but you don’t get the Demon Hunter unlocked at that point.

At that point, the Demon Hunter expansion Prologue will go live. Beat the prologue to unlock the Demon Hunter (including its Basic cards) and a Demon Hunter “Initiate” deck,  designed to help the class “catch up” to the other classes, who will have substantially more cards in their pool. The Initiate cards will be considered part of the Year of the Phoenix rotation, whereas the Basic cards will be part of the Demon Hunter class forever (unless/until there are massive changes to either the class of the use of a “Basic” set as a whole).

Today, Hearthstone shared a reveal video that also touched a bit on the lore of the Demon Hunter class, and explained a bit of how the prologue would work:

During the reveal video, we also got to see the last of the Demon Hunter Cards that are coming in two days! In total, we have 30 new Demon Hunter cards that are coming before the new expansion: 10 Basic cards and 20 Initiate cards.

Here are the 10 Basic cards:

And here are the 20 Initiate cards:

All 30 of those cards go live in two days! What are you planning on cooking up once they do?

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