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WoW: Battle for Azeroth New Continents, Zones, BlizzCon 2017

by - 5 years ago

The story of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth splits the world apart, with the Horde controlling Kalimdor and the Alliance controlling the Eastern Kingdoms. In this post, we’ll look at the two new continents embroiled in the ocean between: Kul’tiras (Alliance) and Zandalar (Horde). These two new continents include three new zones each, with a faction capital for the new content.

Love the idea of one continent more than the other? Don’t worry, at max level (120), the factions will be able to explore and etch out a warfront on their rival’s continent.

Warning: This post will contain many spoilers–you have been warned!

Kul’tiras (Alliance)

Kul’tiras is a series of three zones, including Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, and Stormsong Valley. The people of Kul’tiras contribute possibly the largest navy in the world to their newfound alliance with, well, the Alliance. But the Alliance will have to prove their mutual worth to Kul’tiras and its leaders, four ruling houses, if it wants to secure its navy for the war against the Horde

Tiragarde Sound

This zone serves as the staging point and home base for the Alliance in Kul’tiras, with Boralus as its capital. It is lead by Jaina Proudmore’s mother, Katherine Proudmore. The people of Tiragarde Sound are renowned monster hunters, raging battle against the creatures of the sea, and struggle every day against pirates at their shores.


Drustvar is a forested, mountainous zone controlled by the now missing Lord and Lady, who have gone suspiciously absent. In their absence, Drustvar’s contribution of arms (and sausages) has begun to dry up. The Alliance will need to work with their new allies to get to the bottom of the mystery, as well as the curse over the land.

Stormsong Valley

This lush, green valley is home to a fanatical, religious sect known as the sea priests. Stormsong Valley contributes the largest amount of ships–and of the highest quality–to Kul’tiras, and the sea priests bless each ship methodically. All of its people are devoted to this singular endeavor, but recent troubles have led to a stoppage of construction on the finest ships in Azeroth. The Alliance will need to get to the bottom of this to secure their new navy.


Zandalar (Horde)

Zandalar is one of the oldest cultures in Azeroth, around 16,000 years old. Once a dominating mountain range and completely landlocked, the Sundering sunk much of it into the sea and change many of its biomes drastically. Rumor has it that the Zandalari navy rivals that of Kul’tiras, and Zandalar also features three zones: ZuldazarNazmir, and Vol’dun.


This zone is the capital of Zandalar, and represents the only “safe” area for the Zandalari trolls to call home. Unfortunately, insurrection festers from within in the form of a formal uprising, and the blood strolls impede their borders from the north. The Horde will have to confront enemies from within and without to earn their trust.


Nazmir was once a lush forest, but Deathwing sunk much of it further into the sea, even after the Sundering’s damage. It is now a fetid swamp infested with blood trolls. It harbors ancient Titan secrets in a top security facility to study the Old Gods, as well as a tool to destroy all life on the planet. The Horde will have to enlist the help of the Loa to combat these threats, including one that gives players a frog mount.


This vast desert rolling with sand dunes was once a vibrant jungle, but the Aqir, servants of the Old Gods, decimated its countryside. Zandalar sends its criminals here to die, or so we’re told, and players will face off against Aqir, Zandalari vagabonds, and the Sethrak, a race of snake people. They will also encounter a new, cute race, pictured below.

That wraps up the BlizzCon preview of the new zones of Battle for Azeroth, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Stay tuned for many more articles!

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