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Assault on Volskaya Foundry Announced As Next In-Game Event

by - 4 years ago

A new event is coming to Heroes of the Storm and it has an Overwatch focused theme. Assault on Volskaya Foundry features a brand new Battleground set on the snowy grounds of the Volskaya Foundry as well as two new Overwatch Heroes, Ana and Junkrat!

Volskaya Foundry will feature all new elements with the Triglav Protector where two players work together to control a massive mech. One player will act as the pilot controlling the movement of the mech while the other player fills the role of gunner and blasts away at the enemy. Sorry Lost Vikings players, like Cho’Gall, it takes two separate players to control the Triglav Protector.

To gain control of these mechs you and your team will have to control three Overwatch style capture points that are each connected by a network of conveyor belts. This new mechanic is designed to create big-play opportunities and interesting tactics.

Based on some of the images available, it also looks as if Volskaya Foundry will special Mercenary Camps similar to those on Hanamura.

During the event, each game will begin with a new event quest called Pachimari Mania! Players will have to race around the starting area to open Pachimari Loot Boxes in hopes of finding the Golden Pachimari. Collect enough Golden Pachimaris and players will earn a new portrait, emoji, banner, and spray.

More details will be released about the new Heroes in the days and weeks to come, but we do know that Ana is a burst Healer who uses precise skillshots to either heal her teammates or deny healing to enemy Heroes. Junkrat is a ranged Assassin who presumably likes to blow things up.

The Assault on Volskaya event will also contain a new Overwatch inspired Brawl. The mech theme will continue in Bash ‘Em Smash ‘Em Robots as teams battle it out on a new S-shaped one-lane map set in Volskaya’s Industrial District. Each team starts with one mech and they keep on spawning for non-stop robot destruction.

It wouldn’t be a proper new event without brand new Skins and Mounts and Assault on Volskaya Foundry has plenty of those. Shrike Ana is reminiscent of one of her Overwatch skins, Commandant Varian is a new Volskaya inspired look for the Alliance King, and DVA has been infused with the power of Deathwing in her Destroyer Skin!

Players looking to get around the Battleground in style need look no further than the new Celestial Raptor and Invisible Horse Mounts.

While there is no firm ETA on when this new event will go live, the tentative plan is to have it available for testing next week on the PTR. You can learn more about the Assault on Volskaya Foundry event at the official Heroes site and stay tuned to BlizzPro for more information on everything to come in this exciting new event. Hit us up on Twitter @BlizzPro and let us know what you are most excited about!


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