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Fireside Gatherings Getting New Game Features

by - 5 years ago

Ever attended a Fireside Gathering or been wanting to either attend one or even run one of your own? Well, here soon is a great time to start getting invested in them as the Hearthstone team has revealed new in game features to support Fireside Gatherings.

Hearthstone designer Pat Nagle has made a short video of the features they plan on having a special beta for some innkeepers soon.

The first feature is location detection. Using GPS on your mobile device Hearthstone will now see that you are attending a local Fireside Gathering and everyone else who is there.

The next feature is the addition of Fireside Brawls, which are like tavern brawls, but will have some additional fun added to them to go increase the experience that you are playing against someone face to face.

Finally, registered Innkeepers will be able to name their own Inn (Fireside Gathering) and pick a special banner for it so that when players log into Hearthstone at your Fireside Gathering, they will be able to see the banner pop up inviting them to your event.

What do you think about these new Fireside Gathering features? Personally I think they will be a great addition to these events, will increase people in creating their own, and will be a great way to promote this little grassroots local Hearthstone gatherings. However, I still feel it falls short in supporting the more competitive side of Fireside Gatherings as some kind of tournament tracker/help is sorely needed in the client still (especially the ability to lock in decks so people can’t make changes to them).


JR Cook

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