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Ben Brode is the Game Director for Hearthstone

by - 5 years ago

A lot of turnover is happening in the Blizzard world these last few months. Just a few months ago it was announced that Diablo Game Director Josh Mosquiera had left Blizzard. World of Warcraft Game Director Tom Chilton moved on to an unannounced project leaving Ion Hazzikostas in his wake. Now it appears Hearthstone has a new Game Director in Ben Brode (and has been for a few weeks now).

Ben Brode has been with the team since the very beginning, helping now former Game Director Eric Dodds in creating Hearthstone. He will be moving from his role as Senior Game Designer to Game Director.

Eric Dodds has been fairly absent from the public eye. His last appearance during a reveal of new content was during BlizzCon 2015 with League of Explorers, and as far as I can tell was really the last time he was involved in an interview regarding Hearthstone. He was also pretty absent from some recent photos that were shared from the Hearthstone team.

We are currently unsure on where Eric Dodds is at these days as well as when he left the team. There is some speculation that he is working on one of the unannounced projects at Blizzard or it’s quite possible he’s no longer with the company. No announcement has been made from Blizzard’s or Dodd’s end.

Either way, a huge congrats to Ben Brode on his promotion that is very well deserved. We’re really excited to see what the game holds in the future with Ben at the helm!

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  1. David Lane says:

    I for one welcome our new facially hirsute overlord.