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Hearthstone Removing Heroes of Warcraft Subtitle

by - 6 years ago

An alert redditor /u/VdeVenancio noticed that the Hearthstone official logo was being changed on the official website, on the battle.net app, and was even changed on the Hearthstone subreddit. The subtitle of “Heroes of Warcraft” was being removed.

Sure enough, if you go to the official pages you will see the new logo below:


As opposed to the logo of old below:


Hearthstone subreddit moderator /u/deviouskat89 even explained that Blizzard sent them the new logo asking if it could be changed on the subreddit. So this is a very intentional decision by Blizzard to start referring to the game as just Hearthstone instead of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. The subreddit made the change about 4 days ago, so it appears this has been something Blizzard has been changing in the last week.

Several people are wondering, what does this mean? Is it possible we might be seeing other Blizzard franchises finding it’s way into Hearthstone?

Not so fast on that front, I think the change is relatively simple to explain. Not only does this make sense from a marketing standpoint to just refer to the game as Hearthstone, but the design team since League of Explorers has done a very good job at making their own lore and stories within the Warcraft universe that aren’t necessarily canon. Remember how upset some people were because of the Ragnaros Lightlord card? By dropping the Heroes of Warcraft moniker they can move the game toward making it’s own little Warcraft-like universe without stepping on the toes of the Warcraft team.

While I think most people understood that Hearthstone cards weren’t canon or meant to be taken seriously as such, this is just another step in that direction to differentiate it.

However, I very much could be wrong. Blizzard has not publicly commented on the change yet.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!

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JR Cook

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0 responses to “Hearthstone Removing Heroes of Warcraft Subtitle”

  1. Brit Ward says:

    Not for nothing, but I actually wish Ragnaros the Lightlord was a thing in WoW. But I also think lore can get in the way of fun and good storytelling.

  2. Brit Ward says:

    As for the theory that this is simply for Hearthstone to stake its own little corner of the Warcraft universe, I agree.

    I would be surprised if they actually started including other universes, but it would be neat to see.

  3. consider says:

    Or maybe it’s just to not be confused with their other Heroes of the…Warcraft game.