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Whispers of the Old Gods Announced

by - 8 years ago

Ben Brode and Yong Woo took the stage during the America Winter Hearthstone Championships to make a special announcement about the future of Hearthstone.

The Inn is becoming a bit of a darker place lately and characters you have come to known are changing a bit as they succumb to the whispers they have been hearing from down below. The Old Gods living beneath Azeroth are whispering and changing how these characters react.

With that, the next Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods has been announced.

This will be a 134 card set that is planned to release in late April or early May 2016. When the set is released, so will the new Standard and Wild Formats. The set is centered around the 4 Old Gods – C’Thun, Yogg-Saron, Y’Shaarj, and N’Zoth. As of right now C’Thun is the only card revealed and he has 16 different minions that help buff him up.

Additional Information from Press Conference

We were able to attend a media event on March 9th at Blizzard HQ regarding the sets announcement and were able to interview Ben Brode and Yong Woo during the event. Some of this extra information came from that event.

  • C’Thun and Beckoner of Evil will be free. They felt this was only fair because it would feel bad if you kept getting minions that helped C’Thun without ever actually being lucky enough to open him in a pack.
  • Players will receive 3 free packs of Whispers of the Old Gods during their release event by simply logging in.
  • Patch next week includes:
    • Pre-Purchase (includes card back)
    • Thailand localization
    • Additional deck slots
    • Deck recipes
  • Classic card nerfs will not be announced until much closer to release. They feel it would feel bad to know this far ahead which cards you own will be getting nerfed.
  • No new tribes are added to this expansion.
  • C’thun is the only Old God which has the minion support. The other gods will have different style of abilities.
  • There will be at least 1 new dragon in this expansion (Brian Kibler was happy).
  • Arena will not have the C’Thun cards included. Since they have specific synergy with 1 card they decided to not have them even show up in arena at all.
  • You’ll get full dust credit for any cards that are nerfed in classic. So make sure you hang on to your classic cards and don’t dust them until it becomes nerfing time!

Cards Revealed

Keep up to date on future cards revealed by visiting out spoiler list.


The Fact Sheet

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

Ancient evil rises, and a window to an alternate reality has been opened. Here, the Old Gods’ grasp has corrupted Azeroth, plunging the tavern into madness in Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods. Fight this awesome power with 134 new tentacle-packed cards, or harness it by summoning one of the fearsome Old Gods—C’Thun, Y’Shaarj, Yogg-Saron, and N’Zoth!


Far beneath the surface of Azeroth, an incredible darkness stirs, granting all tavern-goers a taste of its tainted strength. Players opening their first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack will receive two bonus cards: the legendary C’Thun, and his loyal servant, Beckoner of Evil. Those who eagerly answer the Old Gods’ call by logging in to Hearthstone during a special promotional period (to be revealed at a later date) will also receive three Whispers of the Old Gods card packs free!


Champions willing to reach deep into the darkness to summon the Old Gods can wreak havoc on the board! For example, whether in play, in your hand, or even just somewhere in your deck, C’Thun’s awesome power can grow based on which crazed followers you summon. These special minions can only be found in Whispers of the Old Gods card packs, which will be purchasable through the in-game Shop for gold or real money, at the same price as standard card packs.


When this spine-tingling expansion releases, players will be able to enlist the Old Gods and their minions to battle their foes in the Arena. In addition, Whispers of the Old Gods card packs will be winnable in the Arena.


Whispers of the Old Gods brings with it the new Standard format—a format in Play mode that allows players to go head-to-head with decks built from only the most recently released Hearthstone cards, combined with a core foundation of the Basic and Classic cards. Following the launch of the expansion, special new quests will be available that will reward those who play ranked games in Standard mode with Whispers of the Old Gods card packs. For more information about Standard format, visit the FAQ.


Those brave or foolish enough to call forth this ancient evil in battle will be able to pre-purchase a Whispers of the Old Gods bundle of 50 card packs for special one-time price of $49.99. The Old Gods will also reward these loyal followers with a special card back.


Beware—Whispers of the Old Gods will descend upon the tavern by late April/early May 2016.

JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been involved with Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. JR was also a co-host for 6 years on the Hearthstone podcast Well Met! He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013.

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  1. minddrifter says:

    All I can say is…Is it late April/early May yet!? I can’t wait! I’m also happy they are implementing deck slots early!