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More details about Standard Emerge: 2 Expansions + 1 Adventure per year!

by - 6 years ago

Editor’s Note and Clarification: The Polygon article does state that these details are not set in stone, they were just talked about. Blizzard has NOT announced that 2 expansions + 1 adventure per year is what will be released so this is not confirmation. We apologize for the misleading title of the article.


The fine folks over at Polygon have a fantastic article about what the backstage dealings that lead to the introduction of the new Standard format.  Although its a quite lengthy feature, its well worth the read. If you are looking for just the bullet points, we have you covered.


  • To keep a healthy amount of cards in standard, Blizzard’s release schedule will change to full Expansions at both the start and end of the year, and a smaller Adventure during the middle of the year.
  • The main reason the Classic Set isn’t being rotated out is that Blizzard feels that it could be an “exit point” for a returning player. This is having a player return after an absence and see that his standard eligible collection is too small to play.
  • Members of the community were informed about this change back in September 2015, and their input was used to refine the idea.
  • Originally, Blizzard only planned to rotate out Naxxramas, but the developers where convinced to also rotate out Goblins vs. Gnomes.
  • The original name for the format that would include all the card was “Legacy”. Brian Kibler pointed out that it would be better to change the name into something more appropriate to the Warcraft Lore.
  • Some Druid classic and basic cards are definitely getting nerfed.


What do you guys think about this news? Personally, I think that it’s very cool that Blizzard is taking community input for these important decisions. Also, Blizzard committing to two full expansions per year is certainly welcome news. One of my biggest concerns with the Standard format, was that I felt Blizzard wasn’t printing enough cards to keep the Standard meta diverse enough but this new 2:1 ratio should put the new format in a great place. Like Ben Brode said,  2017 is probably going to be bonkers.




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