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D3 School: Crusader – All Set Dungeon Locations

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The 6 Piece Bonus Must Be Active: The six-piece set bonus must be active for the Pilar to spawn and enter the portal. You can do this by equipping all 6 pieces or equipping 5 pieces with a Ring of Royal Grandeur worn or in Kanai’s Cube.

Hardcore Players CANNOT DIE in Set Dungeons: When you would normally die, instead you will be set to 1hp. Monster’s attack animations will still go through but no damage will result. When the Portal spawns DO NOT EXIT! Any monster dragged to the location will be waiting for you. It is best to clear the area around the Pilar, along with setting the game difficulty to Normal as the dungeons are pre-determined. The safest measure can be to teleport back to town directly inside the set dungeon.

Set Dungeon Maps Do Not Change: Each set has its own unique map layout, monster types, and mob density. This is great for planning out your route based on the map you are in and allows you to develop your own strategy for completing the Dungeon. It is okay not to complete the dungeon on your 1st, 3rd or even 10th time. This is a learning experience as much as a gaming experience. Take your time and learn a little more each time.

Followers Are Allowed: Followers can accompany you into the set Dungeon, however, it is best to leave them behind as many of their crowd control attacks can interfere with set dungeon objective.

Set Dungeons Must Be Completed By You: Allies are allowed to help you by pulling and killing monsters, however, credit will not be awarded to them. The player that started the dungeon is the only one to get credit for completing it.

Rewards for Completing & Mastering: Mastering a Set Dungeon gives you a new Banner Sigil. Mastering all Set Dungeons for a class grants an exclusive Pennant. Completing the basic requirements for all Set Dungeons will award an exclusive pair of Wings. Completing the Mastery requirements for all of them will give you another set of Wings.

Armor of Akkhan


Directions: Take the waypoint to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold (Act 3 Town). Run to the upper right side near your followers to the Armory entrance. After entering the armory, go to the end of the room and through the doorway to the next room. Just after passing through the doorway, you will see the portal to your right.

  • 1st Objective – Kill all monsters without taking fatal damage.
  • 2nd Objective – Use Condemn on 10 different enemies simultaneously (12 times).
  • 3rd Objective – Kill enemies while imbued with Akarat’s Champion (150 enemies).

Thorns of the Invoker


Directions: Take the waypoint to New Tristram (Act 1 Town). Go up and through the entrance to the Overlook Road. This entrance is up past the Heretics Hut where the portals to the Uber Bosses can be unlocked. The Overlook Road is where you first meet Captain Rumford at the gate when you entered the game for the first time in Campaign Mode. Backtrack up the road (left of entering it) and near the end of the road you will see the portal to in the lower left off to the side.

  • 1st Objective – Kill all monsters without taking fatal damage.
  • 2nd Objective – Get hit by 75 spears thrown by Blood and Moon Clan enemies.
  • 3rd Objective – Kill Elites while standing in Consecrate with Iron Skin active (5 times).

Seeker of the Light


Directions: Take waypoint to the Ancient Waterway. Take the entrance to the Waterlogged Passage (middle entrance option).  Go down the path to the entrance of the Hidden Aqueducts, DO NOT ENTER, to the right of the entrance you will find the portal.

  • 1st Objective – Kill all monsters without taking fatal damage.
  • 2nd Objective – Cast Falling Sword 3 times in 15 seconds (3 times).
  • 3rd Objective – Do not get hit by a single Mortar.

Roland’s Legacy


Directions: Take the waypoint to the Road to Alcarnus. In the bottom left corner, near the waypoint, you will find the portal.

  • 1st Objective – Kill all monsters without taking fatal damage.
  • 2nd Objective – Hit 12 different enemies with a single Sweep Attack (7 times).
  • 3rd Objective – Spend 300 Wrath in 10 seconds (5 times).

Complete Gear and Run Guide

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This guide has been updated from the hard work Minerva originally put in many seasons ago. Also, a special thank you to a friend of the site, Nite, for help gathering all the images.

Thank you both for your contributions.


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