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Ethereal Conjurer Infographic

by - 6 years ago

Hi, it is OtakuMZ again with another infographic. This time it is about Ethereal Conjurer, the mage class discover card.

Ethereal Conjurer lets you discover a spell, therefore you only can discover class cards. Most mage spells are useful and powerful with a few that do not see regular constructed play, namely Vaporize, Spellbender and Dragon’s Breath. The chance to draw exactly these three cards is 0.03 %.

In constructed, Ethereal Conjurer has not found place in variations of Tempo Mage decks but it is not a staple though. Azure Drake is an even competitor which grants Spell Power which synergizes well in Tempo Mage. In my humble opinion it can be a very good card in Fatigue Mage or Grinder Mage. In these decks it fits better because it draws from outside the deck which is more in line with the general strategies of these decks.

Ethereal Conjurer in my opinion is a strong card in Arena. It is the most valuable 5-drop in the mage’s arsenal, with Flame Lance to be the only real alternative and the weak Dragon’s Breath. Granting card draw, which is very important in Arena, it is an exceptional addition in the mage’s repertoire.

Please leave some feedback and / or wished which card should be covered next!


JR Cook

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