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Dark Peddler Infograph

by - 6 years ago

Hi, my name is OtakuMZ. I play on the EU servers. Although I am still not a Legend player and despite playing for fun, I take hearthstone serious enough to do my research well. As the new discover mechanic was announced I found it hard to evaluate. As many others, including a lot of well known Pros, I underevaluated this mechanic. After I played my first few games with a control  shaman deck which included Jeweled Scarab, I realized that this mechanic was

  • a) previously heavily underestimated and
  • b) quite complex to evaluate.

Therefore, I began to research draw probabilities and as was confirmed realized that class cards were much more frequent than they should have been, four times more frequent to be exact. I firstly developed an overview of another interesting card: Dark Peddler. I feel this card could become a staple in Warlock, Zoo, Handlock, Malylock and Renolock alike.

I started analyzing a class card because it is easier to analyze these compared to neutral ones. Class cards have fewer outcomes and they only affects one class in contrary to e.g. Jeweled Scarab. After some number crunching I realized that all the information might be of interest of the community and I contacted BlizzPro. They were kind enough to agree of letting me share the information with you via this site. After some more work I found myself with a large infographic about Dark Peddler which you see below.

I plan to release similar graphics for the rest of the discover cards. After that I have a lot of ideas which can be covered in a similar fashion but let’s first see if the community (you) will find my work as interesting as I find it myself. I would very welcome feedback and constructive criticism that I will be able to further improve future releases of this kind.


DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware, that the categorization of the cards (good, average, bad), that can be drawn by Dark Peddler, are totally subjective and reflect my personal opinion based on the experience I have with Hearthstone. There may be other opinions on whether a card is good or bad and that is fine with me. Also I am aware, that given the right circumstances, some cards that I categorized as “bad”, could shine or even could proof game changing in particular situations. To reflect that, I included the category “situational effect” for cards that might be belong to that special breed of cards. Anyway this attempt might be flawed as well but I hope you can enjoy and appreciate my work anyhow.



JR Cook

JR has been writing for fan sites since 2000 and has been doing Blizzard Exclusive fansites since 2003. He helped co-found BlizzPro in 2013. You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes.

0 responses to “Dark Peddler Infograph”

  1. Dobablo says:

    Dark Peddler – Why pay 2 mana for a Murloc Tidehunter (+scout) when you can gamble 3 mana for a slightly stronger/more useful minion?

  2. OtakuMZ says:

    It is a gamble, but mostly a favourable one for you. Thank you btw for leaving a comment to my infographic 🙂

  3. OtakuMZ says:

    Some errors were corrected yesterday.