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The Ruined City: Heroic Deck Lists and Videos

by - 6 years ago

The 3rd wing of League of Explorers released today (yesterday I guess as I finish writing this) and with it we have some deck lists and guides for how to beat the bosses on heroic. This week I build a mill deck, a Grim Patron Deck, and a double all the minions deck to take on the bosses. The first boss was definitely the toughest with the last boss being the easiest in my opinion, go figure.

As always check out our spoiler list to see what cards you get to unlock this week (and upcoming weeks!)

Heroic Slitherspear

This was the toughest boss in my opinion. His hero power puts down a 1/1 first turn, 2/2 next turn, 3/3 and you get the picture. Luckily they are 1/1 minions that are just getting buffed so you can silence them with owls. However, I can’t seem to find a way to keep up with the amount of huge minions he sputters out so we have to beat him by other means.

Hence comes the mill/fatigue rogue. It’s still not easy though, it took me about 5 tries to get the win and it’s very dependent on the draws that you get. If you can’t get Brann Bronzebeard with Coldlight Oracle and ways to play multiple, you’re a sitting duck. Brann Bronzebeard is a very important piece to winning here. If I were to rebuild this deck I would probably take out a sabotage and Assassinate with a couple Big Game Hunters.

Heroic Slitherspear
Class: Rogue

Rogue (17)

Neutral (13)

Heroic Giantfin

This guy plays a lot of murlocs and his hero power allows him to draw 2 extra cards. So he’s constantly filling his hand with more murlocs (plus I think he’s playing with like a 50 card deck). Patron Warrior is basically the way to go. Mulligan for the Patrons and everything else should fall in place as you have a high removal for murlocs. Just keep making more patrons and pretty soon Giantfin runs out of murlocs to play as you beat him down.

Heroic Giantfin
Class: Warrior

Warrior (18)

Neutral (12)

Heroic Naz’jar

This was actually the easiest heroic boss fight this week. The deck idea is to just take a bunch of minions that produce more minions and play them. At the end of every turn replace all minions with new ones of the same cost, hers will cost 1 mana more. The idea here is to get more minions than she has, and control the board at all times. Pretty soon you just completely outmatch her in terms of sheer numbers and then you pop bloodlust and win.

Heroic Naz’jar
Class: Shaman

Shaman (6)

Neutral (24)

JR Cook

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