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Hearthstone Americas Championship Player Spotlight: Purple!

by - 6 years ago

DR23: Greetings Purple, you must be feeling happy right now, as you just qualified to the Hearthstone Americas Championship with a 3-0 victory against Trump. In fact, you were very close to sweeping the entire field, with a 12-1 game record. Can you talk to us a bit more about your journey through this qualifying process?

Purple: Well I went through Seiger, who is a player I’m not exactly familiar with. Same with LegendofTimmah, not exactly known names to me, but if they got there they were probably very good, so I didn’t underestimate them. The series after that was against Zalae, and we got him pretty good.

DR23: That’s very cool, and you definitely deserve your success. Must have felt good to beat your former teammate Zalae 3-0, especially after falling 3-0 to him on HPL.

Purple: It felt good, it was probably my highlight of the tournament. The HPL match didn’t exactly matter (editors note: Both Zalae and Purple had already clinched playoff spots on HPL) so I didn’t really bring real decks to it, not taking anything away from Zalae but I was definitely more prepared here on the road to Blizzcon than I was for that HPL match up. It really makes me happy, it puts a smile on my face that we got him when it mattered.

DR23: Especially since you two had that friendly rivalry thing going on.

Purple: Oh yeah, we were roommates/friends, and even if we are not on the same team anymore, I’ll always consider him a close friend of mine.

DR23: Speaking about your departure from Team Archon, any information on what led to your departure?

Purple: No Comment.

DR23: You moved out of the Team Archon House in Texas, but are you back to Canada? Or are you still stateside?

Purple: I’m back to the Toronto Area.

DR23: Born and Raised there?

Purple: No, I was born in Montreal. And I moved to France when I was about 2 years old, so all my childhood was in France. Then I moved back to Canada when I was an early Teenager.

DR23: Went to school in Canada aswell?

Purple: Yeah, all my post-secondary education was in Canada, in the university of Ottawa. I’m a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in Finance. I mean to go back to school at some point to finish a masters.

DR23: Do you plan on staying there, or are you moving to France to live with your new team, Gamers Origin?

Purple: Well I have Regionals in October, and HPL finals sometime during November, and December is just Christmas so I’m probably delaying that until 2016.

DR23: So a move to France is definitely in your future?

Purple: Yes, I will be moving to France next year.

DR23: Well, lets try to stay in 2015 for now. You’ve qualified to Regionals now, who would you like to avoid facing at the Americas Championship?

Purple: Well, if Firebat doesn’t make it that just makes everything a little bit easier, hahaha. Honestly, there’s nobody in the entire scene that I feel I’m at a disadvantage against him. My confidence level is high and I’m not worried about playing against anyone. Oh well, maybe against Dog, we always lose to Dog when we play him.

DR23: Good thing that Dog is out, right?

Purple: Yeah, I guess. But he’s my friend too, I didn’t want him to get knocked out.

DR23: Well, best of luck on the Americas Championship! But how about the HPL playoffs, what do you think about that Field? Who do you want to play on the first round?

Purple: I wanna play Dog again, I’ve never beaten Dog in a tournament match, so I wanna play Dog, I want to get that Monkey off my shoulder. Besides that, I don’t know, Sjow is a great guy, a great Player. Most of these guys are great, it’s a pretty stacked field, I don’t really want to play anyone, hahaha.

DR23: I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to get away with not playing anyone.

Purple: Yeah, sadly I don’t think they’ll just hand me the trophy.

DR23: Oh well, you are certainly a trophy worthy player. Best of luck in all your tournaments and future projects. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today.

Purple: No problem man, thanks for having me.




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