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Who made it into the World Championship NA and EU Regional Qualifiers?

by - 6 years ago

After many months of grinding the ladder and participating in tournaments, the final results are finally in! 23 players from NA, and 23 players from EU have already made their way into the Regional Qualifiers based on their merits throughout the year. They will be joined by their regions respective Fireside Gathering Champions, and the 16 players that make it through the Last Call Tournaments. For more information on the Hearthstone World Championships, you can check the official site.

The top 23 form each region has plenty of well known players such as the reigning champion Firebat, the ever popular Amaz, the Mayor of Value Town Trump, Ropemaster Extraordinaire Lifecoach, Kid Prodigy Amnesia, Former Kid Prodigy RDU, the always skilled Kolento, Master Strifecro, and many more.

Also qualified are some players I had the pleasure to interview, including #1 NA seed Zalae from team Archon, Jab and Muzzy from Team Hearthlyrics, and Silentstorm from Team Celestial. You can check the interviews following the links on the players names!

The top 8 players for each region will get a massive advantage as they will recieve 2 byes, which if I’m not mistaken means that they will only have to win 3 out of 4 matches to make it to the next phase of the tournament. The other 32 players aren’t so lucky as they will have to win 5 out of 6 matches to ensure a spot in the Regional Championship.

Disclaimer: I might be horrible at tournament bracketing, and I might have messed up the number of wins required to qualify. The format for each region is a 40-man double elimination with the top 8 players getting byes into the upper-bracket round of 16.

Here are the glorious 16 that will get this MONUMENTAL advantage:

Top 8 World Championship Qualifiers EU Top 8 World Championship Qualifiers NA

To see the full list of 46 qualified players, you can check the official standings page.  Spoiler Alert: Chakki, Stancifka, and Reynad just barely missed the cut.

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